Patio Shades And Backyard Pool Shades

Shades for home recreational use is largely restricted to the back yard, in particular for the situation where the homeowner owns a pool or a patio or both. The type of shades that go up to shield people from the sun differ for the two locales. For the patio, awnings and canopies are most often used. For the pool, cabanas, canopies and outdoor umbrellas are used.

The importance of shades lies in the fact that they are used to shield people from ultraviolet radiation. Although a little bit of sunlight (actually 15 minutes of exposure a day) is needed for the body to manufacture a day’s worth of vitamin D, amounts over that add to the possibility of skin aging and cancer. Sometimes sunscreen is used to protect the skin but people prefer not to have to apply chemicals to their body.

There are a few important points to keep in mind when choosing the material for shades. First, the material should be resistant to fungal or other microbial growth which helps keep the surfaces hygenic. Second, the material should be good at blocking some or all of both UVA and UVB light. This ensures maximal protection against skin-harming sun light.

Some types of patio shades are given in this article below to show the reader the range of possibilities.

For both pool and patio, an exterior canopy is used as an oversized tent. Two parts make up the tent-like configuration of a canopy: a metallic frame and a piece of canopy fabric that is stretched over it. Most canopy owners find it useful to have at least the top of a canopy covered with fabric. The fabric for the walls aren’t required, because some people are concerned more with respect to circulation whereas others care more about privacy.

Exclusively used as patio shades, an awning is a kind of shading that is built into the wall of a building structure, the connection point frequently being over a window or entrance. Home awnings have been affected by a wave of inventive advancement in last few years. One may buy motorized and retractable awnings that are responsive to remote control. A few kinds of retractables are offered.

For pools, pergolas are often used. A pergola is a somewhat simple wooden structure that stands on four or more beams in a rectangular layout. Rather than support shade cloth, it carries wood beams that give partial shade and partial sun. Smaller versions of pergolas can also be found. They are known by the name arbors, and are less complicated to put together but are not good for shading many people. Instead, they are guides for foot paths.

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