Outdoor Hiking, Outdoor Planning: Learn it, Use It!

A recent story about a three-year-old boy (Joshua Childers) who survived alone for two days in the Missouri wilderness is a learning lesson for all of us.

Joshua didn’t know he couldn’t survive. He simply did! He hadn’t been taught what he couldn’t do! 

That may not be the same for you. You have to know what you can do.

For your next outdoor hiking trip you have to be ready, able and willing to take care of yourself. Outdoor preparation must become your middle name.  

Here is a preparation activity:

Think of all the things you can’t do when it comes to outdoor hiking and surviving the wilderness.

Now think of all the things you can do!

More importantly, take all of the things you can’t do and turn them into things you can do for surviving the wilderness.

To get you started, while Joshua didn’t plan his trip, you can!

When it comes to outdoor hiking preparation and planning:

Did you plan the trip you are taking? Of those travelling with you, do they know the plan? Preparation and prevention – are they in the plan, before, during and after?  

Did someone else plan the trip? If they did, do you know the plan? What happens if their plan isn’t working?

Sage advise: Any plan works up and until you use the plan – because shift happens, what else have you planned? Do you know how to plan in the moment?

Outdoor planning – LEARN IT, USE IT! Your life may depend on it.

Keep learning what you can do!!! More importantly, know why you are learning what you can do!!!

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