Outdoor Christmas Decor

The best way to catch someone’s attention is by putting up some outdoor Christmas décor for all to enjoy. With such a large assortment of decorations to choose from it’s hard to know where to start and stop. As they say, bigger is always better right? When selecting your outdoor decorations check to make sure they are in fact made to be used outdoors, and be very careful not to overload your extension cords that you will be using to light up your display. Once you have safety out of the way it’s on to selecting and designing your décor.

Before you pull out all of your outdoor Christmas décor from storage you need to gather up the proper tools to put up all of your decorations. You may need to have a ladder handy for taller areas that may be out of reach. You will also want to have a hammer along with clips, nails or brackets a securely mount things that can fall easily. Make sure you are fully prepared by having a measuring tape handy, in case you need to measure any of your decorations or spaces to be filled.

Take inventory of what is going to be placed in different areas of your yard for your outdoor Christmas decor, once you have pulled out your decorations you need to carefully examine your illuminated items and check them for any damage; test them with an extension cord and replace any bulbs that need to be fixed. This also goes for your Christmas lights; if you store your lights carefully you are less likely to have breakage occur, you can find storage reels or bags to keep them safe and protected while being stored away.

When you begin stringing up your outdoor Christmas décor lights, position your ladder on an even surface. If you are using pre-installed hooks or nails then you can plug in your lights ahead of time so they are easier to work with visually. If you are installing nails or hooks for the first time you will need to install your hooks or nails prior to stringing up your lights. You can find some great new ways to put up lights with hanging kits that do not require a ladder for installation either. With the use of plastic eaves clips it makes hanging up lights a breeze on your house exterior and even in your trees.

After you have completed your lighting project you can move on to your larger items. There are standing figurines, animated figures, lighted topiaries and air-blown inflatable figures, just to name a few of the items you can purchase on the market. Spread out your outdoor Christmas décor over your entire yard so that it is not all bundled in one specific area. Once you have planned out all of your decorations, begin plugging in items that need electricity, and be sure to use plenty of extension cords. Take into account what type of climate your décor will be subject to; if you live in an area that is susceptible to heavy snow, rain or even high winds, be certain that you secure your decorations so that they do not fall over and damage any of your surrounding decorations.

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