Outdoor Chandelier Light – Two Factors To Consider

Many years ago, with the advent of the electric light bulb, many additional choices for illuminating homes became available. Choices for both interior and exterior home lighting increased significantly when electric light was invented. One such option for illuminating the exterior of residences is the outdoor chandelier.

Similar to many years ago, the candle chandelier continues to be available to consumers in the United States to illuminate their homes; moreover, electric outdoor chandeliers are also available in different designs. It is important for consumers to remember, however, that the safety requirements for hanging a lighting fixture outdoors are different than the safety requirements when hanging a lighting fixture indoors.

Presented below are two factors consumers shopping for an outdoor chandelier may wish to keep in mind:

(1) It is very important for safety purposes, that the outdoor chandelier be designed for outdoor use, given that it will be exposed to the natural elements, such as moisture and wind. Usually, the product labeling indicates the use for which the lighting has been designed, that is, indoor or outdoor use.

(2) Does the chandelier have lamp shades as part of its design? Consumers shopping for an outdoor chandelier may also wish to make note of this factor. Consumers may wish to notice whether or not the chandelier has lamp shades given that it will be important to also notice if the lamp shades are designed to be exposed to the natural elements. Moreover, if the outdoor chandelier has lamp shades as part of its design, do the shades open upwards or downwards? This factor may impact whether or not debris accumulates in the lamp shade.

Thus, while many choices are available to consumers shopping for outdoor lighting, an outdoor chandelier may be the type of lighting fixture they may wish to install and enjoy in their home. The aforementioned two ideas may be helpful to consumers, when shopping for an outdoor chandelier.

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