Organic Gardening – How You Can Make The Best Out Of It

Ecological gardening : what actually is it? It is plantation of fruits, veggies, flowers, etc. Without using any chemical ridden pesticides, fertilizers but by using Organic-home made fertilizer.

Following are benefits of ecological gardening :

One ) Totally chemical free garden

Two ) Save the surroundings from harmful chemicals

3 ) No major drawbacks or harmful consequences of it

Four ) Better health- foods are grown naturally and removed naturally from the soils many of the nutrients of the plant aren’t lost

Five ) Saving cash by growing your own veg

Six ) Organic Vegetables are way more better tasting, juicer and more healthy than fruits grown though chemical based gardening

To make it more fascinating and effective you can develop eco-friendly gardening as your pastime and get the delicious fruits out of it for your patience and efforts put into it .Creating an organic garden is straightforward to do but require a lot of patience and work with a tiny knowledge you can make your own Eden.

Eco-friendly gardening Tips for Newbs

The entire gardening has been split into 3 phases :


Before planting

Selection of location :

Choose a location that receives the proper quantity of sunlight for the plant you would like in your organic garden. For example, don’t select a site which does not have sunlight exposure for plant which requires frequent sunlight. You also must decide on the size of your garden so that there is sufficient room for each plant

Choosing the right plant

Depending on your location and size and sort of soil choose your plants which you want in your garden

During planting

Make your own Natural Manure

Organic gardening is all about doing away with chemical fertilizers and making your own natural fertilizers. So it is smart to make your own natural fertilizes like composts to dung you garden. Preparing compost is very easy and economical. All you have to do is dig a big hole and dispose in it all of the biodegradable waste. For instance you may use kitchen waste products like remains of veggies, dried leaves of trees, rotten fruits and vegetables for example. Into and then mix in a little water. And leave it for some days. When the entire waste degrades you can use it as manure.

Use of Mulch

Mulching help in safeguarding flowerbeds and trees of garden. Mulch is any material placed over soil in the garden. It’s designed to retain soil moisture, supply nutrient elements and food to plants, deter weeds and impedes erosion and water conservation. So a Gardner should use it as a crucial tip to make his / her garden more gorgeous

After Planting

After you have planted your sprouts maintenance is the very next step. Water your ecological garden every day which helps to prevents fungus and provides it nutrient and moisture. The other problems are of pests , such as slugs and beetles, so use natural and organic pesticides for your garden. Also do not forget to weed your garden.

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