Organic Garden Pest Control – Stop Pests The Organic Way

Modern technology has allowed many of us to receive benefits that primitive societies did not have. Unfortunately, in the area of organic gardening, pest control has lost its way in our technologically advanced society. We have forgotten that pest control for our crops can be done in an organic way. The spreading of pesticides over our crops that lead to build ups within the aquifers that provide the crops water can become devastating over time. Here are a few tips on how to successfully create organic compost and maintain pest-control a natural way.

Finding the right way to take care of pests that will attack and destroy all of your hard work is a very challenging task. One problem actually comes from yourself as you try to stay away from the inorganic pesticides that could harm your aquifers and plants that you are growing alike.

Most alternatives present the easy side of life and alow you to quickly spray and be done with your pest control. However, this is not the best way at all as most organic farmers know. This movement is growing with each and every day, a need to go away from things and alternatives that can lead to not only a poisoning of our planet, but also the poisoning of the very food that we will eat at the dinner table.

If you have ever wondered how the people of old used to do this, it was because they had more of a knowledge base with nature. Though simple, they were in tune with what worked and what did not. They had limited possibilities and this honed their skills for survival over the course of hundreds if not thousands of years.

Pesticides have often been thought of as the savior for our ever-increasing human race. The ability to spray a substance over our crops that will stop natural invaders was a dream come true until science discovered how harmful these pesticides could be. By using organic garden pest control, a methodology that has been around for centuries, we can effectively grow crops and maintain pest control the natural way.

What is missing from modern thinking is that we have been taught that most bugs and pests that infiltrate our garden area are primarily harmful to the crops that we are growing. However, by using organic garden pest control techniques, we can still eliminate the pests and create a product that is better tasting and less toxic for everyone that eats it.

Taking this a step further, it is easy to forget that our planet was once a much greener place to live. Through the modern industrializing of our natural world, we have created a situation that may lead us to the brink of some kind of ecological disaster unless each of us decides to do our part and use our individual choices to become aware of what we use to keep our plants healthy and safe.

One of the best ways to control pests on a large or small scale is introducing bugs that eat certain bugs. One of the most well-known organic ways to control pests is with the ladybug. The ladybug preys upon other insects like aphids and will not damage the crops that it cohabitates with. Another wonderful insect to have in your crop area is the praying mantis. This insect feeds on the larger insects that can also severely damage your organic crops.

If you have a family and you are wanting to grow organic food because you see it as more healthy, using these techniques to protect the crops that you grow is not only better for the environment but better for your family as they will be the ones primarily ingesting this food. Likewise, if you are growing and organic garden with the purpose of marketing what you grow, you will feel better knowing that the crops that you are providing the public are free from chemical and toxic residues.

Take a few moments every day to realize that your world is one that can be taken away in a heartbeat. With over 6 billion people on the planet, it is easy to understand how our individual choices, like a collective hive, and make or break this world and our food supply for our children. All we need is the knowledge to do this, and we can begin, if you use common sense, to make better choices with the food we grow each day.

Whether you are growing an organic garden that is only a few feet wide or the size of your backyard, using organic garden pest control techniques will allow you to grow healthy foods at the same time as you protect the area in which you live. By focusing upon health conscious solutions, you will be providing the best possible food for your family and anyone else that will benefit from your organic gardening.

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