Organic Food: How To Grow Your Own

Let’s face it, pesticides and chemicals are very unhealthy for our bodies. Did you know that most of the fresh produce you buy in grocery stores all over the country are treated with these unhealthy agents? Because of this fact, more and more people are opting to have organic diets by eating organic foods. Some people are even going as far as having their own organic gardens right in their backyards. Is an organic garden right for you?

Organic food is grown naturally. This means there are no chemicals used on them to enhance their appearance. Although not as glossy and nice looking as the grocery store items, organic foods actually taste better. So, it would make sense then, that by buying organic foods we can feel safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even organic foods sold in grocery stores are not totally free of these harmful chemicals. And, even if you do wash organic and non-organic foods before eating, some chemical deposits remain. This is a great reason to grow your own organic foods.

If you have a small area in your yard, or even just a couple of pots, you can begin your journey to making your own healthy food. A great area for planting would be a place that gets lots of sunlight. Good soil is also required. If you’re not sure about the soil, you can get it tested. You can add compost to the soil about three weeks before planting. There is also organic compost available in stores, or you can make your own from garden and kitchen waste to save money. Begin by choosing seeds of plants that survive in your region. Try a couple of different kinds. It is important not to neglect your plants during their growth. They need to be watered daily. You should also remove any weeds, as they appear. Remember, healthy plants are able to survive pest attacks. By taking good care of them, they will be healthy and productive.

Growing your own organic garden will give you a sense of doing something good for yourself and your environment. You will be eating some healthy foods, free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that are known to contain poisons. In addition, you will spend time in the outdoors, breathing fresh air and enjoying your surroundings. It is quite an accomplishment to grow your own food. It is even more of an accomplishment to nourish your body with healthy foods. In addition, you will also save on your grocery bill that only seems to go up. This will give you some extra money in your pocket each month.

Growing organic food protects the environment for our future. It prevents soil erosion and protects water from possible contaminated runoff. It is our environment; we should do what we can to preserve it and take care of it.

Organic foods are safe for you and growing your own organic foods are even safer. Why expose yourself to chemicals and fertilizers, which can be harmful to you and your family? Organic foods are beginning to gain popularity and rightly so. People are concerned about their health and watch what they eat. Jump on this bandwagon, get down in that dirt and do something for yourself. Grow organic.

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