Opening Up A Small Bathroom

Not everyone has the huge and spacious bathroom of their dreams, in fact, most of us don’t.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a cramped bathroom without any room to move around.  Even undersized bathrooms can get a makeover to use modest space more effectively.  Keep reading to find out how…

To begin with, try decorating your walls and floor with soft and pale colors such as whites, neutrals and pastel tones.  This will help to make the room seem bigger and airier.  While strong and bright colors can make the room appear smaller and more confined, they can be used for small items such as towels or countertop accessories to attain a pleasant contrast.  If the flooring is currently dark, try its presence with a soft colored rug or floor covering. 

Get rid of larger items.  Go for streamlined light fixtures or pot lights which don’t take up much space in your room.  Bulky fixtures help to give a more cluttered feeling to your bathroom, which is what you definitely want to break away from.  The less clutter on the countertop or walls the better.  Keep it simple.

Sufficient lighting also helps to make your space appear larger.  In addition to pot lights, other lighting choices include skylights and sola tubes.  Take advantage of any light from windows if you have them.  You’ll want to make sure you have window coverings to ensure your privacy, but try to get curtains or blinds that still allow some light into your bathroom.

If you don’t need much in the way of storage room in the bathroom, think about using a pedestal sink in place of a full vanity cabinet.  This is a great possibility for powder rooms where you may not have much in the way of hygiene or make-up items.  The pedestal sink opens up extra floor space and has a smooth, clean look.

Hanging racks, wall shelves, and other undersized bathroom fixtures should be used in areas where they aren’t going to obstruct your movement.  Over the toilet is probably the best area for a small cabinet, but stay away from other areas where they will shrink your space and you might be bumping in to them.  It’s not worth having if it makes your room clumsy.  A cabinet over the toilet, preferably in a color similar to that of the walls, will help you to get rid of some of your clutter (extra bars of soap, toothpaste, bandages, etc.), but adding more cabinets will only increase the cluttered look.

A large mirror may help to make your room look larger since it will reflect more light.  Keep the mirror simple to reduce the look of clutter.

Most people want their home bathroom to be inviting and relaxingFeature Articles, and this can be accomplished in a undersized bathroom with some creativity and advanced planning.  Have fun decorating!

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