Online Kitchen Plans can Save You Time


The kitchen is meant to be a place of warmth and haven for gatherings. So if you aren’t happy with the way your kitchen looks now, maybe you should start looking for ideas by browsing some kitchen plans onlineIf you feel remodeling a kitchen is too difficult of a task to undertake, relax. There is a treasure trove of kitchen plans online. All you need is a computer, a comfortable chair, and a window of time. Then have fun exploring! You are sure to find plenty of websites will tons of free kitchen plans online.For the novice, there are tons of kitchen plans online that include step-by-step guides that take you through the entire process of remodeling a kitchen. From teaching you how to measure your existing kitchen space to helping you conceptualize your dream kitchen, you can “build” or “rebuild” your kitchen, then tear it all down and start over again- without worries! Even easier, online kitchen plans may include templates that you can print out and bring to the store or contractor.By studying a few kitchen plans online, you will notice most of them focus on the “work triangle,” or the trinity of the sink, stove top or range, and the fridge. The paths between each should be clear of obstructions; ideally, no “edge” of the triangle should be greater than 9 feet or less than 4. This way, you don’t feel too cramped, nor are you dropping food all over the expanse of floor as you try to transfer things from the sink to the stove.The “work triangle” is marked out on most online kitchen plans and shapes. The most common kitchen shape is “L-shaped” because it has an extremely open design. Plus, you can easily extend one arm of the “L” for extra cabinet or counter space. Other common kitchens are “U-shaped” (three functional walls) or “galley” (two parallel walls with open ends). Or search around for some unusual kitchen plans online!You are sure to find kitchen plans online to meet your taste and budget. For advanced kitchen planners, using kitchen design software or tools online may be your idea of fun. “Draw” your kitchen plans online and you’ll be able to add and subtract elements at will. See if your kitchen table is going to fit or if you need a new one! Most software lets you change colors, flooring, walls- pretty much anything you wish. Doing your kitchen plans online is a quick and easy way to narrow down your choices. Plus, with the extent of the internet, you can just as easily share and debate kitchen designs for your house in North Carolina with your mother who lives in California. Online planning also helps avoid those “oops” situations, such as building an island in your kitchen only to find it is more a roadblock than a useful structure. Do your kitchen planning online and not only will they be the best laid plans yet, but you won’t be led astray!Source: Free Articles from

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