Now You Can Grow Your Own Food with a Hobby Greenhouse

With all the worries today about the purity of food, not to mention the current escalating price of food, it’s time we took another look at the art of hobby greenhouses. If you look at information on the Victorian lifestyle, you will find that many people had a home greenhouse.

It was in the Victorian Era where home greenhouses became a staple in many families’ lives producing fresh fruits and vegetables year round. It was also a great time for plant experimentation because they could now grow tropical plants as well as species native to their own areas.

In the home of the wealthy Victorian, the greenhouse was known as the conservatory and may have been as big as many of the other rooms in the mansion. It’s not necessary to have a large room size greenhouse to produce food and plants for your own use. A small window ledge greenhouse is big enough for herbs and a few tomato plants, and a greenhouse the size of a large walk in closet is all it takes to grow food for your family.

A retired woman I know grows an abundance of tropical plants in a small greenhouse, about the size of a typical closet. She has a woodstove in one end of the greenhouse which allows her to keep her plants toasty warm in even the worst deep winter weather. She sells her plants to family and friends, and enjoys the hours she spends tending her stock. For her, it truly is a hobby greenhouse.

It’s possible to actually grow your own food year round in a green house and I think it is probably one of the best uses for a home greenhouse. Once the greenhouse is set up all it takes is learning a bit about starting plants and the rest is easy. You can control the type of soil you use, the water supply, the temperature, the humidity, the plant food you use, everything really. This guarantees you are not going to be eating food covered with pesticides.

To get you started out of the gate, consider planting pots with a theme. Like a salsa garden that would consist of tomatoes, cilantro, onions and peppers or a salad garden of lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers and radishes. All of these plants will easily grow in pots and you can experiment with additional plants as your time in your home greenhouse and knowledge base grows.

The difference in taste from store bought and home grown produce will surprise you if you’ve never had fresh home grown produce before. You will never want to go back to the store again! Not only will you be growing your own year round, but will be controlling the pesticides that are used giving your vegetables a higher nutritional value than store bought. You will wonder why you waited so long to get a home greenhouse.

Start going green by eating local then purchase a starter garden greenhouse and the necessary greenhouse supplies that go with them for success.

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