New Home Address Signs For Residential Safety

Everyone knows what an address sign is. It is almost necessary, even in these modern times of GPS-guided gadgetry and internet-based maps, for identifying a house to which one has never been. The address sign is inscribed with the address number of a home.

An even more compelling usage for address signs is to let municipal emergency services quickly find the home when given the address of an emergency. Minutes shaved means more chance of saving lives and mitigating the most severe consequences of the emergency.

A large number of municipalities and counties have initiated so-called addressing programs to ensure that each home has a new address sign to make it easy for emergency crews to find. These are set up with the intention that they are easy to see from the street even when it is dark.

The most popular type of sign is the metallic green and reflective sign. These are seen as street name signs by most people. Such signs are widely used due to two factors. One is that bright green is easy to see against the backdrop of most house colors. The other is that the reflective surface makes the sign visible even at night.

The simplest of all address signs is the house number plaque. The key is finding a plaque that fits you and your houses architectural style. The selections are just about limitless, ranging from plain brass numbers to the unique ceramic plaque. Size is important in a property number plaque. Make sure the plaque is noticeable from the road and that the color of the plaque contrasts properly with your house color. See if it’s appropriate by drawing it onto a piece of paper, taping it to your property and looking at it from the street.

A photo voltaic address sign might be the solution to suit your needs if you are worried about power consumption because of the lighting that is needed. A benefit of a solar address sign is that it is easily noticeable at night time without costing you money. The sign absorbs and stores the sun’s energy during the day and illuminate the sign at night time.

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