My After Exam Vacation In A Little England – Nuwara Eliya


One day I was musing on the past days of my vacation in Sri Lanka. Pristine beaches, historical monuments, amusement park, tea gardens and the soil of the country reminds me of the mind blowing vacation days in Sri Lanka. I am fond of traveling, but now-a-days due to busy schedule, I am not able to move further to any place. Whenever I think about holiday trip, some destinations come into my mind that really exhilarate anyone. One of them is Sri Lanka’s Nuwara Eliya. I tell you the whole story behind my memorable vacation of Nuwara Eliya.After finishing the exams of college in 2011, I was totally restless. I just wanted to get away from the maddening crowds, the hustle and bustle of the city. So my family decided to go for a holiday trip and I was also agreeing with their decision. I was searching for a place having crisp mountain air that fills me with wonder, drawing me closer towards it, capture my imagination and soul and serenade me with the welcome music of solitude. One of my friends told me that all these qualities you will get in Sri Lanka – A friendly and beautiful neighborhood. So we had decided to go to Sri Lanka for our memorable vacation.Sri Lanka is known as “the Pearl of the Indian Ocean” because of its natural beauty and I totally agree with this statement. It is all around fanciful. But Nuwara Eliya was the place I liked the most. This place is a gentle reminder of an era gone by.  It took us six hours by bus from Colombo to reach Nuwara Eliya. You can also reach there by train from Colombo and Kandy.Nuwara Eliya is the ultimate hill station in Sri Lanka. It was the month of April when we went there. It seemed like that the tourist move en masse to this town in search of the cooler clime. When the bus rolled and trundled up the mountain path to this town and the first cool breeze hits my face, I was astonished to feel it. I felt like, finally I had left the hot and humid area far behind.Due to the reminiscent of British architecture, anyone could able to call it a Little England. Balm of Tea gardens enthralls anyone. This little town has everything from an old brick post office, a country club, sprawling golf course to even a marina with boating facilities.The town is mostly populated by tea planters. Many bungalows with gable roofs and well-kept gardens and rose bushes bloomed us a lot. Another best thing about this town is the Hill Club  which was established in 1876. It opens its doors for some months only and also one can stay over there. White-gloved waiters, candles on tables, tea planter’s club atmosphere made us feel like a king of this club.I had clicked many photographs, but the most photographed of all the places was the Scottish facade that is a cherish landmark in the center of the town.Horton Plains, the highest plateau stretch to a higher altitude with grasslands, is a favorite place for trekkers. From that point, I caught the panoramic view of the zigzag mountain roads with a verdant wide valley where many waterfalls drop their abundant supplies in. Devon fall and Laksapana fall are the waterfalls that particularly stand out from the crowd.The only word that compels me to miss the trip the most is “Balm of Tea Gardens”. Sri Lanka being a largest producer of tea in the world gives a wonderful view of the tea gardens. They are stretching for miles around the Nuwara Eliya. Also, we bought the finest tea from there at much cheaper rate than that of home and it was like an incentive for me.Even today when I take out the photographs of this trip, I am able to remind the whole trip only by seeing the photographs. The beauty of the place and the cool climes makes it an ideal retreat for people especially like me…! I really missed that trip and surely want to go there again if possible.

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