Modern and Contemporary Decor – Enjoy Your Animal Attraction

Many people love to use animal print in their home furnishings. The key to keeping things on a more modern and contemporary décor level is using this particular style sparingly and not overdoing it. Black and white is an eye-catching way to incorporate animal print into your home accents. Black and white animal prints used in conjunction with vivid, bright, colors on a couch, or in a bedroom or kitchen, give just the right amount of break to keep each style from being too jarring and instead make them something people will want to recreate in their own personal spaces.

Consider a uniquely shaped vase in zebra print filled to the brim with big, beautiful, sunflowers or another brightly hued flower, or even a zebra print wine cooler that fits just as comfortably inside as it does outside; and, it can double as a planter. A zebra pattern framed mirror would demand attention hung against a wall painted in a bold color like mustard, indigo, eggplant, or brick red. You can even find an African safari-inspired chess set based on animals found in Southern Africa, sometimes referred to as the African Veldt. If you are someone in your home is an animal lover, this is a modern and contemporary décor item that cannot be missed.

When talking of modern and contemporary décor, animal print tapestry throws cannot be overlooked. These beautifully made items can be hung on a wall for full display, used over the top of bedcovers, or draped attractively along a chair or couch. Wine boxes are another unique place you can find animal print, as well as book boxes, gardening stools, racks, and patio furniture. There are no shortages of the many ways you can incorporate your enjoyment of animal print into your home designs; though it is best used in small amounts meant to break up solid colors found in the furniture used around the home.

Getting the most out of modern and contemporary décor, while embracing your love of animal print, is entirely possible. Animal print is a fun way to bring a piece of your personality into the fabric of your home furnishings. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as long as an appropriate amount of solid color is on hand to prevent an overload of animal print from making the room feel cluttered. And, don’t forget flowers and plants go a long way in adding to the feel of animal print, bringing even more of the outside world inside to be enjoyed.

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