Mediterranean Bathroom Decor

If there’s an omnipresence in history books, it’s the impressive structures of Greek and Roman influences. Up to this day, their impact on modern architecture is incomparable. Their bath houses are a force to reckon with, boasting of amazing designs, grand appearance and in our modern times, timeless appeal. You can add a touch of Greek and Roman influence to your bathroom for that classic bath house feel.

Add space to your bathroom. With this, you can now have your own private “pool” through an oversized tub reminiscent of the bath houses’ washing pot of the Roman times. Marble floorings and fixtures are recommended as well as faucets and handles in copper materials. Copper is less expensive than gold but nevertheless as effective in creating the Mediterranean theme.

You might think plants are so out of place in a bathroom, but adding a few potted and hanging plants can create the look of the ancient bath houses, which were commonly outdoors. Therefore, the plants will give the natural scenic feel as well as add extra element of seclusion. Soft white linens that are loose and flowing are will make perfect drapes. You can enclose the sun room tub with this fabric for a royalty effect.

To have more of the Roman and Greek themes, use area rugs that are similarly-inspired. There are traditional Greek and Roman patterns found in rug shops. If not, capitalize on the availability of colors in rugs to add some hues in the bathroom.

Use an area rug with Roman and Greek patterns. You will find such designs in rug shops or specialty home decor stores. Make sure that the color of the rug blends well with the rest of the bathroom.

This ancient design theme will make your bathroom so unique. Where else can you find a place that is reminiscent of the early times bath houses? The romantic look for the bathroom is a surprising yet impressive interior.

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