Matching your needs with modern kitchen design

First class kitchen design is a blend of practicality and stunning aesthetics, targeted to meet the needs and lifestyles of those living there.

You may wish just to update your current kitchen, or complete a total transformation with a bespoke designer kitchen. Whichever route you choose, there are a number of things to take into account.

Firstly consider the feel you wish to create, your ambiance. Next it is worth looking at the main factors that influence the feel such as worktops, cabinet styles and colouring, tiling and possibly updated appliances. The trend at present is for contemporary kitchen designs. Otherwise the trend is for more traditional feel.

Secondly, its true to say that the key to a successful design will be how well the needs of the users have been fully understood and appreciated.

To do this think about how the room will be used “Will you need a stand-alone eating area? How often are you entertaining guests in the kitchen? How much space do you need for the preparation of food? Do you need an area of the family?” It is quite common for new homes to use a more open plan arrangement where the kitchen flows into the remaining areas in the house. Alternatively you may keep the kitchen completely separate.

Floor space is one of the most important considerations in the design. It is easy to have appliances that are too large for the space. One way to maximise space is too arrange all the cabinets along one wall.

For a lot of people a sociable kitchen is a big priority. Using an L shaped arrangement with two additional island units gives a great start to this goal. The two island units provide areas for cooking and preparation of foods and an area for sitting and taking to the chef. Using this layout for the design gives several aspects towards creating a social kitchen.

1. a separate entertainment area safely away from the cooking and preparation areas.

2. Having the two separate islands removes the blockage of a long unit which stops you moving easily in the kitchen.

3. Combined kitchen and living areas.

Homeowners shouldn’t feel constrained by “off the shelf” units, as many companies offer a bespoke kitchen design service which allows you to design your kitchen to your exact specification and needs.

Simon Haines is an author with an interest in designer kitchens and who also writes for the creative kitchen directory .

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