Many Options For Fresh Herb Gardening

Adding a few well chosen fresh cut herbs to the food being prepared will transform it into an extraordinary flavorful meal and the fresher the herbs, the tastier the meal to be enjoyed. The most efficient way to obtain a steady stream of freshness is to grow your own herbs.

If you are new to fresh herb gardening you will be glad to learn that, compared to growing fruits, vegetable and plants, herbs are much easier to grow. The herb plants needs little caring of and and are quite resistant to disease and pest, making this a perfect indoors or outside gardening experience for a beginner and always a joy for the experienced ones.

Growing fresh herbs has been, in fact, growing significantly in the last few decades and even more in the last years. Families all over the world are enjoying fantastic meals, healthy herbal teas, beauty and wonderful aromas. Thousands and thousands of these herbal growers had no previous experience and the vast majority would eagerly agree to the simplicity of maintaining fresh herbs all year.

It is usually easier to buy the plants you wish to grow to start your garden for many herbs are not simple to grow from seed. Take the time to decide which herbs you wish to grow and foresee what use you will be making of them. You might want to grow a group of herbs that can be used together, for instance, for culinary or ornamental purpose.

Another simple way to begin growing herbs is to buy yourself a herb gardening kit. You will find a vast choice of kits available offering different mixes of herbs for different uses. Everything is included in a kit except for the water.

The gardening area should be sunny and facing south. If such a spot is not available for you to use, then choose a situation that receives the best light through out of the day. Perhaps you know some neighbors around you that have to compose with a similar situation, see how they have managed and perhaps a few good ideas can help you.

You have to be very careful when it comes to fertilizing the soil in which the plants will grow. Organic fertilizer is preferable to any other type available and beware of quantities you use not to over fertilize the plants, it will result in poorer flavor. The soil should not be packed and good drainage should always be favored. Basically, the water that the plants receives should keep the soil moist to the touch and proper drainage will keep water from the roots that can be easily damaged.

There are many different ways to start in fresh herb gardening. Other than in your garden, herbs can be grown in pots or containers, on a windowsill, hanging baskets etc… I often prefer growing herbs in pots or a container because they can be easily transported in and out of the house. It is an ideal way of having healthy living herbs all year.

Eustache Davenport is a gardening enthusiast and author of the “Easy Guide To Successful Herb Gardening”. He lives in Montreal and enjoy teaching his gardening secrets to work groups on how to setup, optimize and maintain an amazing herb garden. For more great tips and information on Fresh Herb Gardening and all about setting up and growing your own, visit

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