Make Your Outdoor Decor Work For You

If you are an outdoor person, you may want your yard and garden to be your outdoor living room. It can be your home away from home, your Mecca for relaxation or your retreat from reality. Like most things in life, the possibilities are endless for what your outdoor living space can be. Economics and your budget will play a role in the outdoor decor you choose. With some thought and creativity you can create an outdoor living space that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

A word of caution for the outdoor living enthusiast and that is to check with your local building department for any permit and inspections that may be necessary. An example might be if you are going to install lighting, you may need to have the work done by a licensed electrician and inspected by the town before you can flip the switch.

Picnic and barbecue area: When I was a kid, our outdoor decor was a picnic table and fireplace. One of the coolest things we did at night during the summer was cook corn on the cob on the fireplace in the yard. We invited the neighbors in for an evening of eating corn and roasting marshmallows. Perhaps the focal part of your yard will be a picnic table and grill or fireplace. It might just become the most used gathering place in the yard. When choosing these particular elements of your outdoor decor, choose items that are comfortable and functional.

Sitting area: The seats you choose for your sitting are, should be comfortable, sturdy and able to stand up to the weather. If you live in a rainy area, your outdoor decor should be as water proof as possible. If you anticipate sitting for long periods of time, you will want a seat with a back and maybe cushions. Pick seat material that doesn’t necessarily hold the heat in summer or cold in winter. And if your area is windy, weighted furniture should be your outdoor decor of choice.

Vegetative accents: Any outdoor living area will do well with a splash of color. Plants, flowers, shrubs and small trees can supply that color. They can also define an area as well as provide the local bugs and bunnies with nutrition and supplements they need to survive. Outdoor decor choices certainly include decorative planters and pots for your vegetation. Plastic is durable and will stand up to weather. Ceramic will break easy but will add some class to your outdoor decor. Wood edged planting areas will give your yard the rustic look. The planting containers of various heights will give your vegetation different levels and help define individual areas.

Outdoor lighting: Outdoor decor can include lighting. It is practically a must if you want to use your outdoor living area at night. Decorative lighting will add ambiance to your yard as well as an element of safety. Outdoor lighting incorporated with some kind of insect control with make using your area at night not only more comfortable but allows you to extend your day in the great outdoors.

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