Make Time To Dig Out That Old Minnie Mouse Costume And Get Your Inner Martha Stewart Into Halloween Party Planning Mode!

Halloween is in the air! Your favorite magazines are probably filled with lots of great ideas right now. Here are some great Halloween decor ideas & tips that are simple to do and easy on the budget. Sprinkle Halloween touches throughout your home, or choose a specific theme to decorate around, such as Gothic, zombie party, monster mash or Nightmare Before Christmas. A few pumpkins on the porch and some spiderwebs in the living room are an easy, cost effective way to set the right mood

Dark and Lovely Gothic – Go for a Gothic look by using lots of black tablecloths, dead flowers, candelabras with black candles with lots of wax drippings, and some black birds perched on frames and light fixtures. Look to Martha Stewart Halloween magazines for more ideas on decorating in a Gothic style. Thrift stores are perfect for finding lots of trinkets such as candelabras, vases, etc to enhance your decor. Look for black sheets, candelabras, and other items that inspire you.

Scary Graveyard – A graveyard set up in your front yard sets a great tone to your party as guests arrive. Use a fog machine, a coffin, and headstones. You can make your own gravestones with Styrofoam and spray paint from a craft store. Having a stuffed body or ghost from a tree limb will add to the scary effect.

Thrift Store Bargains – Head to your local thrift store to pick up lots of decorations on the cheap. Black sheets, candelabras, and assorted items can be spray painted black to give it a spooky look. Many thrift stores have a wide range of Halloween props and decorations for your home. If you don’t want to store the items after the holiday, you can just donate back to the store!

Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas – The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite themes for Halloween. If you feel the characters are too limited, you could expand the concept and encourage your guests to come as their favorite Disney character. This idea works great for couples too, as there are lots of fun Disney couples to dress up as. Mickey & Minnie Mouse Costume, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and of course Jack Skellington and Sally.

Use these ideas to spark your own imagination. Most important of all, get your costume in time for your party. There isn’t much time left, so order your Mouse Costume, Minnie Mouse Costume or choose from thousands of others at the largest online Halloween store. Halloween’s coming, so be ready!

About the author: Brittainie Summers would be the first to tell you that Halloween is her favorite seasonal holiday. This year she will be dressing up her niece in a cute little Mouse costume. Visit the Mouse Costume blog to get more ideas for this Halloween!

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