Make Sure Of Success At Garden Party With An Exterior Misting Fan

During the summer time people often hold events outdoors in the yard, on a patio or near a beautiful home garden. This allows them to take advantage of good weather and fresh air, but also to accommodate a large number of people easily without having to squeeze them under the roof of the house.

But just because it is summer does not guarantee that the weather will be perfect. In fact the weather may be so hot that people suffer from heat-related illnesses. To prevent this homeowners and other party planners are adding outdoor misting fans to their events.

When a droplet of water makes the transition to water vapor, it absorbs just a tiny bit of energy. But if there are many droplets, the energy absorbed becomes quite large. This principle is called evaporative cooling. Sweating does much of the same thing for our bodies. An outdoor misting fan helps by continuously blowing ambient air over mist to cool it down. The mist is generated from an outdoor mister.

The outdoor misting fan can be combined with other types of garden shades. Regular shades use the principle of reflection to reduce incoming heat and light, whereas the mister uses the principle of evaporation. When combined they can really help bring down the temperature in a small local area. Here are a sample of three kinds.

The outdoor misting fan can be combined with an exterior canopy, which is essentially a large-version of a tent. The set-up a consumer usually comes into contact with at a retailer is a large standing metal skeleton draped with a large section of shade material. The fabric for the walls are optional, a decision that depends on whether one wants to cede some privacy for good circulation.

The outdoor misting fan can also be used with an awning. Most people have rested beneath an awning before positioned over the store-front or display glass of an establishment and bringing in valuable customers who were likely seeking shelter. Awnings for personal use have been refined greatly beyond classic immobile and one-piece fabric configuration.

The third type of shade used with an outdoor misting fan is the pergola. A pergola is an unassuming wooden exterior shade that is held up by four or more beams in a rectangular configuration. Instead of supporting shade fabric, it holds wood bars that give partial shading and partial sun. Miniature variants of pergolas can also be found, recognizable by the term arbors.

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