Make Sure Garden Events Go Well With Canopies

During the summer time people often hold events outdoors in the yard, on a patio or near a beautiful home garden. This allows them to take advantage of good weather and fresh air, but also to accommodate a large number of people easily without having to squeeze them under the roof of the house.

But just because it’s summer doesn’t guarantee that the weather will be perfect. A little rain or thunderstorm can ruin weeks of planning. To prevent this from happening, homeowners and other party planners are considering adding canopies to their events. Canopies, and other outdoor shades, not only provide protection against weather, but also add a measure of privacy.

An outdoor shade canopy is very much like a large-version of a tent. The metal frame is weighed down by a heavy base so it doesn’t rock in the wind, and a strong piece of fabric is suspended on the frame. The fabric comes in both natural and synthetic selections of various colors. Little window flaps are nice features that allow the party guests to look outside if there are wall flaps. Air conditioning with a fan or natural flow of air will help keep good circulation.

Canopies might not be needed for weather protection if the garden or backyard is quite small and not many guests are expected. Instead, an awning or outdoor umbrella will do the trick. But the number of people that will fit under the smaller structures is quite limited. A mid or large size canopy is the only means of making sure a large number of guests will be protected from poor weather.

There are a few problems associated with getting an entire canopy. For one, it’s extremely expensive for a mid to high quality product. If the canopy is used only once or twice per season, the cost may not justify the benefit. For another, even if the canopy is taken down and folded up, it’s quite large and difficult to store. Homeowners and party planners should consider renting a canopy to get around all these problems.

Another problem is that if a homeowner has purchased a canopy, he or she will have to spend some time cleaning it every year. Prolonged storage or use results in accumulation of dirt and stains. Specialized fabric cleaners may be used for the canvas kind, whereas soap and water may be ok for synthetics. Specialized spray systems are also used if the canopy is very large and difficult to clean. These are often used by store owners who must ensure the store front awning remains spotless for customers.

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