Make Fiberglass a Part of Your Home

The entrance to a house is notable as it’s one of the principal features that sets the tone and style of architecture for the house. One can choose from a wide range of materials for the door. The canonical choice has been wood, for its aesthetics and ease of craft. More popular than wood is steel for its durability and low prices. Perhaps somewhere between the two lies fiberglass. For fiberglass can be made to mimic wood, even in the light of a skilled eye, but at the same time possesses a resilience and robustness to damage that is matched by steel.

The class of materials to which fiberglass belongs is known as composites. The definition of a composite is that it’s made of up of two or more different substances. In the case of fiberglass this includes regular glass as well as resins such as polymer plastics. The multi-material composition is what gives fiberglass it’s various properties. For example, it can be molded into different shapes and is flexible yet retains shape under stresses.

Ingenious manufacturing has provided us with fiberglass entry doors. These doors can be bought in an endless selection of styles and can be made to look like high class woods such as oak or cherry. The high-end fiberglass exterior door is also adjustable to some degree for differences from house to house. The indestructibility of fiberglass also means that the original manufacturers are happy to provide customers with long warranties that last as long as a traditional 30 year mortgage.

Speaking of entry ways, one should also mention that fiberglass has been turned into garage doors. Like their entry door counterparts, fiberglass garage doors are light and strong with long lifetimes. The frame will usually be made of steel for extra reinforcement, like some wood doors. The core of the garage door is airy and foamy which makes them excellent insulators. The R-factor of fiberglass garage doors exceeds wood.

Fiberglass french doors are defined by large glass panels that allow light to come into the house. French doors are popular for doors that lead to a patio or deck, both for lighting up the interior of a house and allow unimpeded vision to the outside. If glass panels are not desired, it’s possible to install plain fiberglass patio doors that are a high quality, beautiful entrance through the backyard of the house.

Famous large nationwide DIY home improvement retailers will often carry a spectrum of fiberglass doors. The cheapest costing only a few hundred dollars but without a guarantee against damage in even the short run. The most expensive cost a few thousand, and can be as elaborate to contain multiple side lites, thresh-holds, transoms and frames. Some specialty stores that deal only with doors will also act as agents of big high-end companies to customers on the regional and local level.

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