Learn How to Grow Orchids Easily

Are There Such Things As Easy To Grow Orchids?

What is your definition of the word “easy”? If it’s “lie back and do nothing”, then there are no easy to grow orchids for you. But if your definition of “easy” is not having to work more than a few minutes a day on maintaining a plant after doing a lot of research selecting a plant, then there are such things as easy to grow orchids for you. Although all orchids are tricky to grow in comparison to many other plant species, here is a look at two easy to grow orchids.

Moth Orchids

In comparison to many other kinds of orchids, the Phalaenopsis orchids, or moth orchids, are easy to grow orchids. They come in a variety of colors and can be successfully grown in a home and not a hothouse or special greenhouse. Some moth orchids come with spots and stripes, while others are in solid colors. More colors and patterns are trying to be developed by orchid lovers.

Moth Orchids need to be kept in temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Try not to make the temperature changes too quickly. 60 degrees at night is okay, with 75 and 80 degrees during the day. Since it would cost a fortune to keep your whole house at this temperature, you need to get supplemental lighting for moth orchids.

You can put the orchids in front of a sunny window, but that’s taking chances. To make a more steady and predictable temperature, you need to place a fluorescent light about a foot above this easy to grow orchid. Wildly swinging temperatures can make your orchids flowers drop off before they bloom.

Dendrobium Hybrid Orchids

“Dens”, as they are nicknamed, are a genus of the species orchids that has over 1200 varieties for you to choose from. They come in widely differing shapes, sizes and colors. Some of these easy to grow orchids are very small, while others can bloom as big as your palm. They’ve learned how to grow in many kinds of environments, which is why they are considered easy to grow orchids.

Even more than moth orchids, “dens” require a high degree of humidity ion order to thrive. Moth orchids can do well placed in a shallow tray of water to mimic tropical humidity, but “dens” need more. Some need to be misted regularly. They need access to greenhouses part of the year.

Don’t completely soak the orchids when watering, although “dens” need frequent watering to help mimic tropical conditions. You might want to keep misting them with water in summer weather.

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