Lawn Maintenance During Summer


Summers can be long. Hot and dry with the sun baking your beautifully manicured grass for hours everyday. The days are longer which means more opportunity for your grass to become dried out. The stresses of summer on your yard can be apparent in a couple of weeks. If you want an evergreen landscape, then you need to consider that when you choose the kind of grass, plants and landscaping to have in your front or back yard. What grass you choose, how much sunlight the area gets and whether or not you have a good source of water can all affect your lawn maintenance during the summer. Different grasses hold up better in hot, dry, sunny conditions, while others do better with a little bit of shade and a lot of moisture. Research the different types of grasses to learn what kind might be right for you. You could also talk to a lawn maintenance specialist or a landscaper if you are considering transplanting grass or growing a new variety. It is always important to have a variety of opinions to back up your decision. If you do not get a lot of sunlight in your front yard or back yard, you may have to turn to other grass alternatives. Finding ground covers like Boston or English ivy are a good choice for people that have a very shaded front or back yard. Ivy will provide a nice green color and will cover the ground evenly.For some people, ivy is just not an option. It is grass or nothing. If you live in a very dry area, like Nevada or New Mexico, you might want to consider skipping grass all together. In fact, you may be forced to fit yourself into the aforementioned “nothing category” by your state, city or neighborhood. Usually, you can create rock gardens or find other similar options. If you have access to an outdoor water source or are willing to install your own irrigation system, then you have options in lawn maintenance. Depending on your environmental views and the depth of your wallet, you plant any number of grasses in your yard. One of the most popular is sod. Having sod rolled into your yard, gives a very rich green look. Just be sure to learn as much as you can about water usage in your town. There may be a limit to the amount of water allowed per household. Or, you may not have access to the water for irrigation purposes on home or business lawns. Find out this information before drastically redoing your landscaping, planting or laying the grass.Lawn maintenance during the summer months is much easier when you are well informed. Find out about different kinds of grasses, how much sunlight you get and what the water usage looks like. 

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