Landscaping Without a Lawn Tractor

When reading this article you will find information on lawn tractors. Knowing the prices, different uses, and how to know how to use the tool’s safely, can help you make a more educated decision about which lawn tractor is better for you and want you want it to do for you.

Small Tractors=Lawn Tractors

You probably need a tractor for the different kinds of farm work if you have less than 2 acres of property to maintain. You can smoothly reduce your hard labor, due to the ton’s of attachments that are available for lawn tractors. You can find that this will help you keep your garden in bling-bling condition in much less time. In most cases, a lawn tractor up to a maximum of 7-10 Horse Power will also have a zero turning radius feature to help you when working in a smaller field’s.

The Lawn Tractors Versatility Power

Versatility is a major player of lawn tractors. Some of the jobs that can be completed by lawn tractors include  digging holes, lawn rolling, tilling, mowing, and ton’s of other jobs aswell. The power take off spindle makes these jobs easy. That’s why lawn tractors are always a gardener’s best friend.

Deciding To Buy A Lawn Tractor

Choosing and buying a lawn tractor is much like buying an car or your work truck. The optional accessories increase the prices of both a car and a lawn tractor. That’s why you want to choose your lawn tractor and accessories wisely to ensure that you get exactly what you want. You also would want to ensure that you can try the lawn tractor in the showroom to ensure that you can attach and remove the accessories with very little effort. Test-driving  the lawn tractor is probably a good idea first to make sure you can get in and out of it easily as well.

Lawn Tractors Prices

There are large numbers of price range’s in lawn tractors. A smaller lawn tractor can start around $900 and up to $6000. The Bolen 762F76 is a basic model and it is available for under $900, while the John Deer Spin-Steer SST-16 is also around $3300. A Poulan Pro PK1845H42ST is about $1400. The costs are for these tractor’s without any accessories. Accessories can make the cost greatly increase or reduce by hundreds. A canopy starts at $110 and a collection bag for grass is around $300. A cart can run you anywhere from $110 to $220, depending upon the size. Now you see how the costs can quickly add up. If you are planning to use the lawn tractor for mowing 1/2 to 1 acre, then you may want to choose a stand behind lawnmower for around $350, instead of a lawn tractor.

Using A Lawn Tractor Safely

Lawn tractors are designed with a low center of gravity and that’s why it’s the chances of the lawn tractor tipping over are very low.  It is important to use the following safety rules, besides little possibility of them turning over.

• It is important that you watch your speed, especially when you areon an incline. A small rock can cause your lawn tractor to have problems and possibly injure you.

• While getting off of the lawn tractor, ensure that it is turned off and all attachments touch the groundFind Article, if at all possible.

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