Kitchen Faucet Ideas – Choosing The Right Kitchen Faucet

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen, one of the first things you probably want to replace is your kitchen faucet. If your home is old, your kitchen faucet is probably the standard dull design. Even if you have a much more modern style faucet, changing it can give your kitchen a whole brand new look and that makes it an perfect place to start when redoing your kitchen. Today, there are numerous brand new styles available which makes looking for kitchen faucet ideas easy and fun.

Kitchen Faucet Ideas

When you renovate your kitchen, you want to give it a modern appearance, yet you have to adhere to a budget. Your kitchen faucet is the ideal place to start. A brand new faucet is not really all that expensive, yet it can give your room a brand new hip look. You need some kitchen faucet ideas that will give you the look you seek yet match with the major appliances that you cannot afford to replace.

Here are some tips for getting brand new kitchen faucet ideas:

1. Type of sink. If you are keeping your old sink, you must buy the proper faucet that will fit your existing sink. So examine it closely to use as a guide in making your faucet selection so your sink will function properly. Look under your sink to see how numerous holes are in the bottom of it. The number of holes determine the type of faucet you have to buy.

2. Sink holes. A kitchen sink can have from one to five holes in the bottom. A sink that has a single hole requires a faucet that has a single handle. These are the traditional faucets that most homes have, so if you have an older sink, this is probably the kind of brand new faucet you should buy. Some sinks have two holes and these can accept a single handle faucet with a detached knob. These knobbed faucets control the direction of water flow and temperature.

Sinks with three holes are much more versatile and can take a single, detached handle faucet or two handle faucets for adjusting temperature of water. Four hole sinks accept dual kitchen faucets that have a side spray. Five hole sinks also use dual faucets with a side spray and also have an extra warm water dispenser opening in the fifth hole. If you have your heart set on a particular style of faucet and your sink doesn’t have enough holes, you can usually have a plumber add new holes or just use wall mounted faucets.

3. Dual handle vs. single handle. Once you know how numerous holes are in your kitchen sink, you can instantly determine if you will be shopping for single handle kitchen faucet ideas or dual knobbed faucets. This helps you narrow down your search so you don’t waste time and get side tracked. Single handle kitchen faucets let you very easily adjust water temperature with one hand by adjusting the position of the handle. A two knobbed faucet requires adjusting two handles to get the temperature you want, but the temperature is much more precise. The number of handles you have will have a big effect upon the look of the design. The two handle kitchen faucets are open in a wider range of styles and spout designs.

4. Sink size. Now that you have narrowed down the style of kitchen faucet you need, it is time to come up with kitchen faucet ideas based upon the size of your sink. Your faucet should complement the look of your sink and not really overwhelm it. The water flow from the faucet should reach almost all areas of the sink’s bowl, so you don’t want a faucet that is as well little either.

5. Kitchen design. When considering kitchen faucet ideas, think about the design theme of your kitchen. You want a kitchen faucet that matches your decor. Today, kitchen faucets are open in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. When you shop around, you can find something that matches your kitchen perfectly. Brass and dark kitchen faucets go well with a country kitchen that has a white sink. For much more modern kitchens with stainless steel sinks, silver faucets would be a fine choice.

When shopping for kitchen faucets, keep quality in mind. It is best to go with a reputable name brand rather than a cheap imitation because your faucet will get a lot of use and you need one that will be sturdy and last you for a long time. You will probably come up with some good kitchen faucet ideas, only remember to make sure your ideas are functional and integrate nicely into your existing design so your brand new faucet will accent your kitchen and not detract from it.

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