Kitchen Accessories Buying Tips

Here, is a way to bring life into your old kitchen fixtures with the mix and match of apt kitchen accessories. So, here are my top ratted favorites…

My foremost and best accessory is a set of flower vases that’s because they aren’t much expensive, just substantial and weighty. Its thick base and broad opening holds more than a dozen of long stem flowers. Be it roses, lilies or orchids… These beautiful flowers can be embellished with antique and classy flower vases.

My second favorite accessory is a designer tray or something that can hold your belongings in a neat and systematic manner. One doesn’t have to buy expensive designer kitchen fittings to add charm to your kitchen. You can use an oval or rectangle shaped tray to store fruits and berries. Keeping them in a tray rather than placing them on the kitchen shelf will not make your space clumsy and cluttered. You can choose wooden platter or glass platter to flaunt pears, apples and berries.

The third accessory is an oval Venetian mirror. The mirror gives a classy look to the room as it reflects back light into the room. You can keep small home decor items on it, which makes the space look elegant and chick. By placing a mirror tray underneath, the home decor items appear cohesive.

The forth important element in kitchen is lighting. Lighting plays an important role to create a mood. An inviting and warm lighting sets a welcoming gesture for you and your guests. Kitchen lighting faucets are available in many shapes and sizes in the market. One can buy innumerable number of lighting accessories to brighten your space. My personal advice is to go for a layered look as a single lighting cannot provide the right look for the space.

Adding a dash of color can entirely change the look of your room. Go for a bold and bright color for your kitchen that boosts up your personality. The colors will provide a peppy look to your area. A little mix and match of colors can instantly add up a touch of style to the area.

Incorporate a Tuscan theme, which includes elements of grapes, wine and wild flowers which are ideal for a kitchen. For dining table, go for a rough wooden table, exactly like the ones used in farmhouses. For a chick look, you can hang a bunch of purple and green shaped lights around the windows and doors. A designer lighting will add a modish look to the area.

A kitchen is not only a place to cook everyone uses them in different ways and builds a style of their own. You can explore the vast collection of kitchen decor from magazines and the Internet. So, if you are planning for a kitchen makeover, incorporate these basic pocket friendly kitchen decor ideas and grab all the attention from your family and loved ones! After all, there is so much to explore when it comes to kitchen decor!

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