It’s Not Just A Job, It’s A Future: Benefits Of Joining The Navy

Enlisting in the military is a great chance to do service for our
country, but you have you ever thought of the benefits of joining the
Navy? For a few years of service, you can reap benefits that last a
lifetime, whether you serve a term or two, or make it a career. As long
as you meet the Navy requirements to join, you can soon be on your way
to a great future.

Some Of The Benefits Of Joining The Navy

if you come to the Navy as a fresh-faced high school graduate with no
real-world training, the Navy will teach you worthwhile skills. You will
have a guaranteed job with guaranteed pay raises even as you develop
these skills. Many times what you learn in the Navy is the basis for a
later civilian career.

At a time when many workers are being
asked to accept cutbacks, as a Navy recruit you can expect a small
cost-of-living increase every year and a larger raise based on longevity
every two years. Over time, this becomes substantial. If you are rated
as an E-5, for example, you will make $300 per month more after you’ve
been in the Navy for 10 years than you would at your six year mark
anywhere else.

Your Housing And Food Allowance

your base pay, as a sailor you will receive a BAH (Basic Allowance For
Housing) and a BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsidence) to go toward food
and housing costs for you and your family. Depending on where you are
stationed, your rate will vary. In an area with a high cost of living,
you will also receive an annual COLA (Costs of Living Adjustment). If
you are stationed overseas, your COLA is in line with the cost of living
in a foreign country and won’t be taxed.

Great Healthcare Benefits

part of the Navy, you and your family have access to top medical care
at local military treatment facilities (MTF’s), paid for through Tricare
Prime or at civilian facilities through Tricare Standard. If you retire
after 20 years, you and your family can keep your Tricare Prime
benefits for life for an annual fee of $260 a person or $520 per family.

Great Retirement Income

retirement from 20 years of active duty, you will receive a pension
equal to a percentage of your salary for the rest of your life that is
based on your rank at retirement. If you retire after 40 years, you will
receive full pay. No matter what type of civilian career you pursue,
you will have an extra paycheck coming from the Navy each month.

What Are The Navy Requirements To Join?

long as you meet the Navy requirements to join, you can be on your way
to a great career. What’s required? You must be between ages 17-34 for
active duty (18-39 for reservists), a high school graduate, in good
physical shape, and able to pass a standard physical. You can join up
whether you’re a citizen or resident alien with a green card.

these benefits of joining the Navy serve as an added incentive to join
up? If you meet the Navy requirements to joinHealth Fitness Articles, see a recruiter today to
start on the path towards a great future.

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