International Caravan Partners Up WIth CSN Stores in 2010 to Bring You the Absolute Best Unique Line of Home Decor

International Caravan and Designs by Blazing Needles is proud to announce that all of their newest line of indoor and outdoor furniture will now be able to be seen and purchased at all participating CSN Store Websites.

That’s right, with the help of Alicia Kaper of CSN Stores and Vice President Ali Shaban of International Caravan, both companies have agreed to unleash a whole new unique line of furniture for the 2010 furniture season in February.

Ali Shaban stated, “Our business relationship with CSN Stores has been quite an adventure. I do admire all of the work that they put into selling our wonderful product lines on their website’s, and especially their wonderful corporate staff of buyers that I currently deal with. Our successful experience with CSN Stores in 2009 was up to par against some of America’s top selling corporations, and I know that 2010 will be an even higher record breaking year for us with the advancement of our prestigious online sales department.”

Ali Shaban also stated that online furniture manufacturer and wholesale giant, International Caravan, will be unleashing a new line of unique home decor as early as March 2010, which can be found at CSN Stores.

International Caravan and Designs by Blazing Needles have been creating, designing, and wholesaling American furniture for over 44 years now. This company has grown to be one of America’s most trusted online retail wholesalers and have proven it with their vast amount of presence on the World Wide Web.

All International Caravan (aka Caravan Outdoors) products can be seen at all participating CSN Store websites. Ali Shaban also insisted on letting us know that ICI has been working very hard to keep up with the heavy demand of online furniture sales and that they will unleash a huge patio line in 2010 that will absolutely stun online consumers. And all of this, at one reasonable price, suitable for the average working person.

Let’s face it, we’re all tired of being locked inside an office most of our day. And that is exactly why International Caravan’s lawn and patio furniture will have a major effect on home furniture sales in 2010. Whenever the weather allows, we’re much better off enjoying the company of our friends and family on the outside, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sun and greenery that surrounds us. But as much as anyone loves camping outside, most people wouldn’t mind having a bit more comfort in their backyard gardens with lawn and patio furniture.

With this said, Blazing Needles Inc., one of Americas most trusted Indoor and Outdoor Cushion Manufacturers will also be joining CSN Stores and International Caravan for a summer patio sale you don’t want to miss. That’s right, you can buy International Caravan patio furniture and have the matching patio cushions made for you by Blazing Needles, all at one time, and at one low price. Never again will you have to buy the furniture from one company, and have to search the web for patio cushions that will match another companies product. And if that’s not enough, Blazing Needles will also offers several different outdoor patio fabrics to choose from to make sure your new patio set fits the scent and texture of your home.

Whether surrounded by friends or just by yourself you can be sure you’ll enjoy every second you spend on any of Blazing Needles best selling patio cushion lines. Blazing Needles has a tremendous creative staff of designers that have been making outdoor and indoor cushions for several major companies around the USA for over 25 years.

If your looking for patio furniture or home decor, please make sure to look for International Caravan and Blazing Needles products at participating CSN Stores.

And, If you are looking for a drop ship furniture company with major presence on the web, a unique line of indoor and outdoor furniture, or just a furniture brand you can trust, ICI and Designs by Blazing Needles should be heavily considered as a top contender.

Jonathan Moyer American Shopping Network Journalist

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