Infuse Your Landscape with Outdoor Rock Speakers and Other Natural Decor Ideas

Outdoor rock speakers are becoming more popular on decks across the country. With their nondescript style, you can easily add music and other sounds to your outdoor parties without necessarily overwhelming your natural scene. In fact, this sort of design has become more popular in modern times with the introduction of Feng Shui and the idea of minimalist design. Here are some ideas you can use to keep your decor to a minimum, but your style at its maximum.

The Art of Disguise

With outdoor rock speakers, you can place these speakers in your gardens or in other parts of your backyard. When you like to entertain, this is a bonus as you never need to setup additional speakers, nor do you have to watch the skies for rain to ruin your sound. These outdoor rock speakers are completely waterproof and can generally withstand all sorts of abuse, perfect for those parties that get a little out of hand. Since no one will realize they are even there, the sound seems to come from everywhere, enhancing the overall experience.

Adding Balance to Your Life

In Feng Shui, the practice of balance is a big deal to practitioners. By maintaining balance in ones life, you can be assured prosperity and happiness. The five elements of the earth need to be kept in balance: water, earth, wood, metal, and fire. You might want to add one piece of each of these elements to your design plans in order to keep the balance among your outdoor rock speakers:

Water: Adding natural fountains and ponds will help to encourage the movement of water energy.

Earth: Even though outdoor rock speakers are not genuine rocks, their appearance is so realistic that they could be used to add earth energy. You can also include real rocks and other pieces of natural earth dirt, stones, etc. Plants are also a part of this category.

Wood: Since most decks are made out of wood, this tends to be the simplest addition to ones decorating scheme and to the balance of elements. You can also include posts of wood or containers for plants.

Metal: Adding wind chimes is a great way to include the element of metal, but other decorations like metal pots work well too.

Fire: By including a fire pit or candles, you are ensuring that the dire element is represented.

Landscaping Naturally

To further make your outdoor setting a natural feast for the eyes and the senses, you might want to add some style with the natural plants and accents you have on hand. Try creating borders with those outdoor rock speakers that separate certain plants or mulched areas from other parts of the lawn area.

Or you might want to create a koi pond area that will allow you to have water plants as well as Feng Shui friendly fish. Creating a waterfall in your backyard is another simple idea, all you need is a water pump to push the water up a pipe and then over a tall formation of rocks and into a pool where the water will be pulled up again and again.

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