Information About Chiang Rai Flower Garden

Mae Fah Luang floral gardens in Chiang Rai were founded in 1992 and offer people an incredible day out in the chilly climate of the mountainous spot. These flower gardens are totally pristine and cover in excess of 25 acres of immaculately preserved park land. Aside from the superb blooms the view from these floral gardens is totally amazing you can view around 20 kms along the city of Chiang Rai. In the distance you can see Mae Sai and also the vast mountains of Burma (Myanmar).

This floral garden is has a large selection of kinds of flora including irises, rhododendrums, lilies and an orchid garden. At center of this floral paradise is a fascinating statue showcasing children grasping hands in an arc like manner. This floral garden in Chiang Rai has won quite a few awards in the area and was the receiver of the Pacific Asia Tourism award.

Getting to Mae Fah Luang is almost as breathtaking as the flower garden itself. You climb high into the mountains, usually through cloud cover and come to feel the temperature decrease from thirty (30) degrees down to ten (10) degrees on numerous days. Lots of people like to go to Mae Fah Luang by motorbike. There are many places to stop with remarkable views over

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