Indoors and outdoors candle holders

Today, homes are becoming smaller than ever. And that means, people try their best to use whatever external space they may have to become an extension to the internal space, to create an illusion of a larger area. One of the easiest ways to connect internal and external spaces in visual continuity is to use decor elements – candle holders, cushions and rugs will all do the job perfectly. But while outdoor spaces can be visually connected to indoor spaces by using the same decor theme throughout, the choice for material for any outdoor placed candle stands India, cushions, mats and rugs will differ to take in to account the fact that they have to withstand the onslaught of changing weather conditions.

Contemporary candle holders for indoor spaces:

As any interior designer and they will tell you that some strategically placed contemporary candle holders are crucial to make your decor unique. The biggest mistake that most people make when choosing candle holders is that they give too much importance to the design, when placement is equally important. A beautiful candle holder with a unique shape and colour can be lost amongst a group of decorative items and figurines on your jam packed book rack and therefore, it is very important to place it in a spot where it gets the attention it deserves. Placement can make all the difference, especially when the primary reason for wanting to use exquisite candle stands India is to add accentuation and colour to any indoor space.

Think of the colour scheme in the room. Take a close look at the accent colours you have used – this could be colours used in cushions, rugs, wall decorative, painting etc and then try and bring in some of the same colour using candles and candle holders. Material is also very important; choosing metal antique candle stands India for a modern minimalistic decor can result in clashing decor theories and it might be better to choose something made from glass or ceramic that has a contemporary design and shape as well. In traditional rooms, choosing wood, stone and metal will be a better choice.

Indian candle holders for outdoor areas:

If you trying to use candle holders to turn an outdoor space like a deck, patio or balcony to become an extension of the indoor space, you need to ensure that the same colour scheme follows through. However, while contemporary candle holders are perfect for indoor areas, outdoor spaces need more rustic, durable candle stands India that have specifically been designed for outdoor use and will not get damaged by exposure to sun, water, hail and storms.

Wall sconces or wall mounted candle holders made from brass, stone, iron and even wood are perfect for outdoor candle wall decor and look great in corridors, partially covered verandas and even outdoor spaces. Since it is the theme that needs to stay constant and not the materials, one can find many contemporary candle holders made of iron that are perfect for outdoor spaces, because the material can resist tough weather conditions. Nature inspired shapes like floral designs and leaf-like patterns along with stone round covered candle holders with a carving of a mesh design to reflect the light of the candle within can be simply amazing for an outdoor seating arrangement.

Today people have realised that visually connecting outdoor spaces to indoor areas can easily be done using sturdy metal and ceramic candle holders. Thought the design criteria and material choice can be very different from the candle stands India you would normally choose for the indoors, the choices are still many.

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