Indoor Plants into Your Home’s Decor

Want some green look and fresh air indoors? This is not that a tough work. The key to a fresh and colorful interior decor is to use indoor plants. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that kick your decor needs to stand out and to feel complete. There are lots of ways in which you can include plants into your home’s decor and don’t all involve the classical vases and pots.

In a small room, large plants are oppressive and take up way too much space. To get the best effect, you should choose mid-size or small plants with large delicate leaves. Put the plants where they are going to be visible. Don’t put too many plants in a small space or it will get too crowded and your individual plants won’t make their full impact on the room. A family with children can try on delicate tiny bell shape hanging vase for kids to grow and take care.

The larger the room you are working with, the bigger and more numerous the plants can be. Let’s face it, a single small green plant looks lost in a large empty space. Several flowering plants in a basket or arranged in small pots on the same table can serve as a beautifully colorful accent to a room. Tree-like plants have great importance in the sense of decorating. Large-leafed species like dracaena, philodendron or the banyan tree can really fill up a sparsely furnished room or entrance hall and leave their mark.

Make sure the colors of leaves and flowers you choose don’t clash with your decor. You don’t want to take expensive furnishings and wall coverings of home decor and reduce them by the wrong colored flowers in your pots. Place your plants by each other where they can company.

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