Indoor Gardening Tips

For enthusiastic gardeners, their plants are like their family. They like spending time talking to them, trim them appropriately, and ensure proper care and treatment. Few plants are grown indoors for decorative and scientific purposes. People do spend a lot of time and money on maintaining their indoor garden. This article gives you some helpful tips.

Tackling Pests

You can easily get pesticides to kill the common insects found on your favorite plants. However, a few pesticides might harm the plant itself and would pollute the air inside the house. Moreover, these pesticides should be kept away from children, as they might be poisonous when consumed or inhaled in large quantities. You can use home remedies to get rid of these insects, instead. The following tips for indoor gardening would help you get rid of them without it affecting your health and home –

1. You can rub alcohol on the plant parts like juicy leaves, stems, joints of stem and branches that are usually affected by these insects.
2. You can use chili pepper or dish soap to get rid of the insects.
3. You may not like the smell of asafetida, neither do insects. You can even bury it in the soil to prevent the insects sitting on your plants.
4. You can also mix turmeric or limestone in water and can pour the mixture around the plant in the soil. Take care not to pour it on top of the plant.

Growing Plants Well

Besides pests, there are other enemies of the plants grown indoors. What are they? They are a few environmental conditions like –

– pH and the type of the soil
– Hardness of water
– Sunlight, heat, and humidity
– Fertilizers and other factors.

It is recommended to check if a plant can survive without natural light and heat before opting for indoor gardening, since a few plants tend to die out when you try transplanting them. Moreover, if the soil is too acidic or alkaline, it may harm the plant. Make sure you do not use water with a high chlorine content, as it may be harmful. Too much or too little water also would be detrimental to plant growth.

It is important to remove dead leaves, twigs from the plants to keep them healthy. You should also maintain the air and surroundings clean for healthy plants.

Suitable Plants For Your Home

There are a few plants that are quite attractive to look at, and can grow anywhere. However, they might be poisonous in nature. If you have children at home or visiting you, it is advised not to have such plants at home. These plants may not cause death but may be harmful if consumed. To be on the safe side, it is better to know about the plants you would like to grow indoors.

If you want to try indoor gardening, here are a few plants that are safe.
– Most types of ferns, a few ferns even have flowers that are consumable.
– Cactus
– Crotons that can be used as decorative pieces
– African Violet
– Rubber plant
– Swedish Ivy
– Peperomia
– Spider plant

Keep these tips in mind when you try your hand at indoor gardening and you will definitely be happy with the results.

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