Indoor Fountains … Simply Beautiful

The many different designs of wall waterfalls allow you many different choices of waterfalls for your garden, patio or room in your home. The sound of falling water is musical and magical providing you with a sense of peace and tranquility that will aid in helping you relax.

Large outdoor wall fountains or waterfalls mounted to a wall of the garden or to a wall in your home can be as elaborate or as simplistic in design as you wish. When used inside wall waterfalls will really enhance the decor of any room. You can have these waterfalls made of lightweight material resembling stone.

Other common materials used in the construction of these water features include slate, copper and glass all of which will provide you with a work of art. The surface over which the water pours can resemble pebbles or can be a sheet of glass with lighting behind it so that it catches the reflections of water as it cascades down over the wall.

Straight garden wall fountains or waterfalls are items of beauty no matter where you install them. Some of them have elegantly carved natural features such as that of flowers or fish or even abstract objects, which add to your enjoyment.

Wall mounted waterfalls are part of a decorating scheme with the Feng Shui concept that focuses on the benefits of water for peace and good health. If you practice yoga or meditation, you can also benefit from having a waterfall mounted on the wall of the room that you use for this purpose. It will help you create the natural calm atmosphere to help you become relaxed.

One of the benefits of having water wall fountains or waterfalls indoors or out is that the falling water purifies the air. It also helps to cook the air during hot weather giving you natural air conditioning. While you are outdoors, it is nice to feel the spray of water from the patio or garden waterfall.

Indoors it would be a nice feeling, but not a very practical one because you will have to be constantly wiping the water from the floor and furniture. For this reason the wall waterfall used indoors has the water encased in a structure with a glass front. You can experience the sight and sound without the mess.

Having a wall mounted waterfall in a room of your home will bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. You can enjoy this feature all year long, whereas if you have one of these structures outdoors, you do have to drain it and cover it during the colder winter months to prevent it from becoming damaged.

There are also models of wall fountains or waterfalls that are free standing structures. The benefit of these structures is that you can occasionally move them from room to room if you wish, but you would have to drain them first because water will increase the weight of the unit.

On their own, they are not heavy and two people could easily move them about. This gives you more options in being able to move your furniture around in a room, which is difficult to do if you have a wall mounted water feature above the sofa that just wouldn’t look right if you moved the sofa to another part of the room.

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