Imaginative Pretend Play with a Toy Kitchen

Are you a parent or caregiver
who wants to make sure that their child plays in such a way as to enhance their
learning?  The truth of the matter is
that it is more likely than you might think! 
When you are looking around for a great way to make sure that your
children grow and learn even as they are playing, think about the effect a
wooden toy kitchen can have on them. Instead of investing in overly
commercialized overpriced products, you can instead purchase a lovely toy
kitchen that will help your kids expand their mind and their abilities.  The Waldorf Education Theory Speaks directly
to this and you will find that there are a number of different reasons why a
wooden toy kitchen is one of the best Waldorf toys that you can find.


In the first place, you will
find that a toy kitchen meets the Waldorf specification that toys be open ended
and unstructured.  There is no task that
your child has to complete, and there is no set way to play with their toys.  They have something that is a kitchen that
they can play with.  They might decide to
play house, or perhaps they want to run a restaurant, or maybe they’ll decide
that it looks more like a laboratory.  Children
should be given free rein to play as they like, and the less input that they
have on what is appropriate play, the happier they are going to be.  A pretend kitchen will allow them to use
their imaginations.


Another interesting stricture of
Waldorf toys is that they should be made of natural materials.  There is simplicity of design that is integral
to how children interact with their toys, and it is very important to make sure
that your children have the stimulation that comes with toys that are made out
of natural materials.  Think about how
boring it would be if all of their toys were made out of plastic.  With a toy kitchen that conforms to the
Waldorf education theory, you’ll find that they will have lots of interesting
textures to explore.


With their pretend kitchen, you’ll
find that your children have a lot of places that they can go.  There are a number of different things that
they can come up with to act out, and it is only a short leap from using a toy
kitchen to being instructed on how to use a real one. This can be an important
training step for them, and it can foster a great deal of creativity as well as
sharpening their interest in the world around them.  Take some time to consider what your options
are going to be and what your options will look like when it comes to getting
them a wooden toy kitchen that they will love.


Take some time and make sure
that you consider what your options are when it comes to getting your child or
children a wooden toy kitchen.  How can
you allow them to get the most out of their playScience Articles, and what are your options
when it comes to making sure that the toys that they are given are going to
help them grow?

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