If You Live In A California-Inspired Home…

California homes are usually spacious, allowing for a gracious style of living. Kitchens are open plan, easily cleaned and welcoming. People tend to have an atrium rather than a living room, and their family room is not hidden in the basement. High ceilings of two or even three stories are common, and huge master bedrooms may cover as much as half of one floor, including their designer bathrooms, walk in closets and separate showers and Jacuzzis.

If you live in a house like this, decorating can be a challenge. Such a big space equals lots of work, isn’t it? The good news is, not exactly. Filling every nook and crook of the house with furniture and decorations is not necessary. The important thing is proper placement of the furnishings to draw attention or highlight a space.

Let’s take the kitchen: Big kitchens have obviously more storage, which means more cabinets, drawers, and such. This is actually good news as you don’t have to worry about clutter. You have ample storage to keep your kitchen stuff organized. Built-in microwaves and refrigerators also help in making the kitchen space orderly.

Next, the living room should ideally be a warm and inviting space even if it’s twice as big as a regular house’ living room. The coziness can be achieved by placing the furniture away from the walls and using soothing colors, particularly light shades. Bright hues meanwhile give the room a more vibrant, almost casual look. Dark colors are actually suited for a big living room but if you don’t like the formal ambiance, you can accent the dark color with a light or bright tone.

The bathrooms should of course, also be decorated. This is especially true for the bathrooms used by guests. You can hang your photos in your own bathroom, but please be considerate and refrain from personalizing a space that is in the first place, a “public property.”

A dining room can also be reserved for entertaining guests. It is quite standard to have a breakfast nook too, where the family can eat at any time of day. Formal dinners or big family gatherings are best served by top quality furniture which you select for the dining room. If the floor is highly polished parquet, then it needs protection, and the best way to do this is to place a tightly woven, elegant area rug under the dining table. Easy to maintain, area rugs add both color and elegance to your dining room.

In their own bedrooms, children can freely choose their decor so that it reflects their personalities. Most people choose wall-to-wall carpeting here, but you can add interest using smaller area rugs, which also help to break the room up into specific areas. You can have one part of the room for sleeping and another for play or study. Your recreation room, however, needs an indoor-outdoor area rug which is very durable, placed between the entertainment center and the sofa or under the billiard table.

Modern Californian homes often have vaulted, high ceilings in the foyer or atrium, and it can be a problem to accent these spaces tastefully. If you place a big oriental design area rug in the foyer, with some tall indoor plants such as palms, and perhaps some trailing vines, this may be the only decoration you need to place in your home’s entrance in order to make it welcoming.

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