If you are Looking for a Perfect Flooring Material for Today’s Family then Choose Slate Kitchen Floors

Slate kitchen flooring is a type of natural stone material that is available in many shapes, colors, and styles which allows it to blend seamlessly with most decors. Slate is a perfect material for the kitchen for many reasons among which are its durability and its natural slip resistant trait in comparison to many other materials on the market today. Also when sealed properly, which includes yearly sealing, it also resists moisture and stains which is another huge plus in the kitchen area.

The most common colors for slate stone kitchen flooring are black and white but it is also available in many other colors to match almost any style that you are going for in your kitchen. If you want to go for a truly unique look you can mix and match different colors along with different shapes and sizes to create a one-of-a-kind floor. Another big benefit is being able to match the floor to the countertops in your kitchen which will help to blend the entire room together and achieve a very uniform look.

If you live up north or in a colder climate then slate is a perfect choice because it is an ideal material to use with radiant heating systems. Radiant heating will keep the flooring material warm during the cold winter months and the natural properties of slate make it ideal for this type of home heating. A little softer then most of the other types of stone materials which can be good or bad depending on what you want and how much you are in your kitchen. On the plus side is that it is a little bit easier on the joints and body if you fall (plates and breakable will still be no good if you drop it in on slate). The downside to it being softer is that it is more likely to get damaged if something is dropped on then other types of stone.

Pluses of Slate Flooring:

-Resist slipping and stains when properly sealed and maintained

-Easy to match to any decor and blends well with many countertop materials that are popular today

-Very durable

Negatives to Slate Kitchen Floors:

-Requires yearly maintenance

-On the more expensive side of the flooring choices that you have

Slate kitchen floors range from between $ 14-35 dollars a square foot. Slate, like other types of stone, are not a DIY most people can do unless they are very experienced and also have some experience working with different types of stone.

On top of the cost of the materials themselves figure on adding about $ 5-7 dollars a square foot for installation cost. If you can get past the cost of slate flooring it does truly offer many benefits along with a beautiful look that can last you decades if properly taken care of.

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