Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics is a Greek term that really means working water and in the modern world when one says hydroponic gardening one really means that plants are grown without needing to use any soil. From the time of the ancient Aztecs and Babylonians to the present hydroponic gardening has been known to man in one form or the other and the only thing that has changed in this regard is that modern methods are more sophisticated though not necessarily better or more effective than the ancient methods.

Sir Francis Bacon

The best example of ancient hydroponic gardening can be found in the book written by Sir Francis Bacon that is entitled as Sylva Syvarum and which came out in the year 1927. Even earlier in the year 1699 John Woodward had published reports on hydroponic gardening that dealt with growing plants in water that may not even have been absolutely pure but which nevertheless led to the very successful cultivation of plants.

These early experimentations with hydroponic gardening were later perfected by a couple of German botanists called Wilhelm Knop and Julius von Sachs whose work in 1860 onwards helped considerably in the ability to grow terrestrial plants without using any soil and instead by making use of solutions of mineral nutrients (later this technique came to be called Solution Culture) gave man the ability to perfect hydroponic gardening.

In the more recent times, Superior Growers Supply came to be among the first sellers of hydroponic supplies and the introducers of hydroponic gardening techniques that made life a lot easier for anyone wishing to grow plants and vegetables the hydroponics way. At present, the United States has hundreds of different hydroponic gardening centers that are promoting hydroponics and with considerable success as well.

Today, the hydroponic gardening industry has expanded considerably and people are spending millions of dollars to indulge in this unique gardening method. For further information about hydroponic gardening it will pay to check out a book called The Hydroponic Garden Guide that will teach you how to grow virtually every different kind of plant or vegetable – and without needing to use any soil. With the help of this book anyone can learn hydroponic gardening methods that will help them grow plants and vegetables – in and outside their homes.

Before you start with hydroponic herb gardening you will need to decide between using systems such as Aero Garden and creating a homemade hydroponic garden. Most people would say that the former option is better as it is simpler and there is no guess work involved. All you need to is keep the lights switched on, monitor how much water should flow in your garden, and add some nutrients and presto! You are done!

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