How To Use Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern rugs are highly valued, which originated in Native American tribes many centuries ago. They are also called Native American rugs. Due to the influence of the Native American culture, the designs depict tribal gods, people and other symbols of their customs and traditions. Having one in the comforts of your home brings a rural, incredibly homey feel.

Southwestern rugs have a story of their own to tell. Before they even became rugs, they were made as blankets or a piece of clothing, worn around the shoulders. Cotton was primarily used until the 1500s when the Spanish colonizers came and introduced the use of wool. Wool is a kind of fabric from sheep’s hair. From then on, southwestern rugs were weaved in this soft and lush material.

You may be familiar of the Navajo rugs. This is a very well known type of southwestern rug. Southwestern rugs are mostly named from the tribe where they were made. Others that you might encounter are the Zapotec Indian, Oaxaca Mexico, Mohair, Spirit and Mexican Guadalupe rugs.

These rugs need a high density of fiber and can take more than a year to weave. Some of the popular southwestern rugs are handmade area rugs, Spirit rugs, Mexican Guadalupe rugs, and Oaxaca Mexico rugs including Zapotec Indian rugs, Mohair and Navajo rugs. Buying such pieces not only makes you a proud owner of age old tradition but also helps the native community carry on a beautiful tradition that reflects their rich heritage of making beautiful rugs and other arts.

These rugs have amazing designs, patterns and colors. Handmade ones are preferred and are highly regarded by many rug collectors.

Similar to taking care of your other belongings, maintaining the quality of a southwestern rug should also be kept in mind. Below are some useful tips for caring for these decors:

Ensure that the rug is well put on the floor. A safeguard pad is an affordable yet incredibly handy tool for taking care of rugs and other floor coverings.

Regularly check for wear and tear and don’t let stains and dirt get absorbed in the carpet. Cleaning is powerful. Indeed, one method that can prolong your rug’s quality and good looks.

Be careful not to spill anything on your southwestern rug. If it happens make sure you clean up quickly before it becomes a permanent stain.

If you’re a DIY kind of gal and prefer the faster route, you can vacuum the rug as an alternative cleaning method. Invest in a good quality vacuum machine. Another option is to bring it to a professional for a more thorough cleaning. In fact, doing this at least once a month will ascertain your rug stays in tip-top shape.

Try to place the rug in an area where there is no exposure to moisture, such as in places with plants around. Plants can cause it to be affected by mildew.

Having a Native American rug at home brings nature, culture and art in your place. They are beautiful adornments that will give charm to your home’s interior.

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