How To Use Fixed And Portable Shades

Another term for this category of products is instant shades. They are made so that they can be conveniently moved from spot to spot but give shade to a person or object when required. Because of the need for portability they are simpler, lighter and cheaper than their fixed cousins. The drawback is that they are often more prone to breakage. This is offset by the fact that the portable shade is easier to store and set up.

People use portable shades for a variety of reasons, one of them most often being for recreation. For example, hosts of a home party can entertain their guests in the yard or near a pool, in which case an instantly available shade will be useful to protect the guests and food. Fixed shades are better in the long term but one can never anticipate whether the number of guests spill over or if guests wander far from the house where fixed shades do not reach. Other uses include business or convenience.

We describe a few of the portable shades for each of the occasions described above.

Normal awnings are composed of a fixed or retractable frame upon which shade cloth can be stretched and then mounted over a door or window. In a similar fashion bamboo roll up blinds help educe energy costs by preventing solar radiation from passing through the window. The awning then blocks not only light for those who are standing immediately under the awning, but also those who are near the window or door and are inside the house. Similarly, portable awnings are composed of a frame over which a fabric is stretched except the frame is on wheels and thus can be positioned where ever desired.

People who spend a lot of time near a pool appreciate the use of perennial outdoor umbrellas for shade. However, umbrellas typically are inserted into the middle of a table making it hard to relax or stretch out. The solution is the pool cabana which is a small house structure that can fit one or two people underneath. Furthermore, a pool cabana can be used for privacy, for example when people need to switch into a bathing suit or out of their regular clothes.

Slightly different from awnings are outdoor canopy shades which are freestanding structures that resemble large, standing-room tents. These can be placed onto a porch where it would be called a deck canopy. Although this is a freestanding shade, it is considered fixed because of the enormous time and effort required to set one up. In contrast, portable canopies are very lightweight, but lack the fabric walls that surround fixed canopies. The canopy roof is usually the only fabric in the portable versions.

For people who are interested in tailgate parties or similar events where a vehicle is a center of entertainment, a portable umbrella mounted onto a hitch may be the perfect solution. A metal frame and hitch can be attached to a truck or van onto which the umbrella can be mounted. The umbrella can be closed when the vehicle is in motion, and when stopped for entertainment, the umbrella can be opened.

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