How to Upgrade Your Property in Aptos with a DIY Garden Makeover

If you own property in Aptos, you’re lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

However, you may still want to transform your garden from bland and boring to fun and fabulous. Money is tight these days, so if you’re looking to upgrade your property in Aptos’s garden on a budget, why not read these tips?

Alternative Ground Cover

Grass is not the final word in ground cover! Sure, lawns are nice, but they require maintenance, watering, mowing and tender loving care. Many people opt for Astro Turf, which is nice, but why not change the look completely?

If you want to change the look of your property in Aptos’s garden quickly, why not lose the lawn, and opt for an alternative ground cover? Bark chips and stone make good choices – they’re no maintenance, and easy to lay.

All you need to do is remove all, or some of your lawn (give it away or sell it if you want to) spray the area with a commercial weed killer, lay plastic, and spread your cover. For an average sized garden, this can be done in a weekend!


Adding a new path can totally change the look of your garden, and if you combine it with a new groundcover, can give your property in Aptos a totally new look. Visit hardware stores, and look for timber stepping stones, cobbles, or one of the many precast concrete products on the market today.

You could even choose more than one, and combine them.

Most of these items do not need to be fixed, so you simply arrange and lay them as you like, fill the gaps with stones or wood chips, and that’s about it.

Potted Wonders

Hiring a landscaper to lay out and create your property in Aptos’s garden can work out very expensive. Why not take a trip to the local garden centre, and choose some pots you love, and plants to go in them. You can group then as you like, move them around until you find a configuration you like, and, if you move, you can take them with you!

Almost every type of plant, from fruit trees to herbs can be grown in pots, so you can certainly have whatever variety your heart desires!

Grow a Vegetable and Herb Garden

What could be better than having your own fresh produce on your property in Aptos? Creating a vegetable and herb garden is easier than you think, and takes up very little space.

Choose a corner of your garden, and remove any grass, taking care to get the roots out. Turn over the soil, creating furrows for drainage, then plant your choice of vegetables and herbs. These can be grown from seed, or, if you prefer, bought as ready grown seedlings or plants from most good garden centers.

Improving your property in Aptos’s garden adds to the value of your home, and doing it yourself can be fun and therapeutic, so why not spend a little time, use these tips, and plan your brand new garden?

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