How to renovate the kitchen and give it a new look

Prep work

Exactly as an old saying goes: a proper planning is half the battle!

– What elements are you unsatisfied with?

– What to keep? (Stove, fridge …)

– What colour (s) is actually dearest to your heart?

– Do you need additional appliances?

Also essential: Can I just perform the job myself or should I outsource it all to a professional?

Here are several guidelines to renovate various areas of your own kitchen.


A worksheet provides a significant part for the appearance of your kitchen, take no fast choices once selecting a sheet and consider carefully the rest of the kitchen.


Plastic material

Plastic is cheap and simple to wash. It is for sale in a lot of colors. Use caution while using hot cooking pots!


Stainless steel provides a very modern look but is rather costly. It is rather resilient. Stainless-steel gets scratched quickly, but that’s o . k ., it doesn’t look worn out. S / s is not hard to scrub.


Wood is costly and requires significant maintenance. But it looks rather natural. Spills can be hard to clear out, and you have to be careful with hot pots.

Marble or limestone

Rather beautiful although very costly material. It might be hard to maintain. Because the material is very porous, it cannot endure aggressive cleaning agent, but tend to sustain fruit acids.

Granite, terrazzo and composite

Stunning, but overpriced. Most of these materials are easy to clean, and are also very durable.


Looks industrialist. Practical People can make a concrete surface.

Water supply


Essentially, the only kind of material truly ideal for is stainless steel. Very easy to clean and long lasting. Think about a double sink: Ideal for example to wash veggies.


Within this area there are a lot choices. High and low valves, turning and pressure taps, shower taps. Another choice is Quooker, that enables your tap water boiling.


Kitchen cabinets identify, just as the worksheet, a sizable part of the look and feel of your kitchen. You don’t have to change your old cabinets, you may also utilize a distinct color (or have it done.) New handles in addition provide a unique look. Another possibility would be to mount photo-posters on your bins.

If you would like paint the cabinets yourself, abide by these steps:

– Remove the old paint carefully using water and soap.

– Let it dry and clean with a degreaser.

– Sand the parts correctly.

– Apply a primer and let it dry.

– Sand the parts back slightly and remove the dust.

– Paint the parts in the desired color and let dry.

– Then apply a lacquer.


Possibilities are:

– Tiles

– Glass

– Stainless steel

– Mirror Wall

– Paint


New lighting gives your kitchen a fully distinctive look. Consider:

– Spotlights

– LEDs

– Wall Lamps

– Hanging Lamps



Pleased with your oven? Or do you prefer more pips? And are you happy with your stove, or do you prefer a ceramic or induction hob?


Just about everyone has one nowadays, thankfully the present generation is energy-efficient. There is usually a good dryer, so that it doesn’t get plagued by water stains.


In furnaces you’ve got a number of alternatives these days. Hot air oven, steam oven, microwave … The main advantage of the latter is that you save space, instead of a microwave and an oven, you have merely one device.

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