How to Renovate a Room with Kitchen Color Paint Ideas

You can totally transform your space on a budget by choosing kitchen colors that work together. You might not think that a kitchen remodel is in your budget because these renovations can cost hundreds of dollars so use paint to save money and get a custom look.

Look at the cost of items when you are choosing kitchen colors. Pick out shades that you’ll be able to live with for several years to make the most of your money. You may be tempted by a cheerful orange or red stone countertop but other people may not appreciate it when you put your home on the market. You can still use your favorite colors just keep them on less permanent items such as the walls and accessories.

Mother nature can help you pick out your color palette. Look to the colors of a stone slab and then match your cupboard and flooring shades for a room that flows together. You can have a floral kitchen that looks modern instead of like it belongs in your grandma’s house by creating daring focal points. Try a hot pink shade on one wall and then keep the cupboards plain white for balance and bring in pop floral art work. If you want cheerful rooms then think of the color of sunshine; yellow doesn’t have to be annoying just put it with sand and cream shades to tone it down.

Use paint on the cabinetry to save money and reuse the items you already have. Lighter tones such as cream or white can go in all different directions. Try a basic black and white tile floor with bright white cabinets for a lasting room. If you want a contemporary style then put neutral colors with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets. Make the cupboards look aged if you want a rustic room by adding glaze.

You don’t have to throw out your cupboards and buy new ones; transform them with paint. Neutral colors like cream or white will go with almost every decorating category. For an elegant room then pair black and white with plain cupboards. You can put stainless steel appliances, taupe walls and white cabinets for a contemporary feeling. If you want a shabby chic room then just put a layer of glaze on top of the paint.

The colors in a kitchen can influence your appetite. Restaurants tend to favor warm shades such as gold, red and terra cotta. Turn these colors into a sophisticated space by using them as wood shades such as mahogany. If you want a more toned down look then it still needs to have some vibrancy to be appetizing such as a turquoise kitchen island.

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