How to Makeover Your Bedroom Into a Spa Retreat

If your bedroom has an adjoining bathroom, take advantage of it and turn it into your personal home spa.

A spa is typically relaxing. Close to nature. The sounds of water and clean scents permeate the space.

Bring that home.

If you are renovating your home, you can go all the way by using parquet or wood for the floors and walls for that close to nature effect that is reminiscient of a spa. Use uplights and down lights to throw romantic shadows and soft, soothing light in the bedroom. Your bedroom is where you relax and doze off into sweet sleep. For a couple, the bedroom is a place for romance. Set the mood for it.

If the bedroom opens into the bathroom, make that a place where you can enjoy hydrotherapy. Basically, hydrotherapy is all about water. Using hot water (as hot as you can take, maximum 40 degrees celsius) to relax the muscles and cold water to tone your body. Install a shower that allows you to alternate jets of hot water with jets of cold water so that every shower you take is a hydrotherapy spa treatment. You can use the jets of water in the shower to massage your aches away.

If you have space for a bathtub, do install one. A jacuzzi is even better, but a bath tub is good enough. You can treat yourself to a floral bath by covering the entire water surface with fresh rose petals or chrysanthemum petals. Both for a pampering and beautifying effect on your skin. Get a can of full cream milk powder and a jar of honey. You can have a milk and honey bath by adding 4 cups of milk powder and 1 cup of runny honey to your bath water for a milk and honey bath that is worthy of an Ancient Egyptian queen.

Do up the bathroom in white tiles, white curtains and basically in shades of white to complete the look of a hydrotherapy spa.

Now that you’ve got the basics, add on plants and candles to complete the spa ambience.

Surround the shower and the bath tub with large pots of indoor plants so that you feel like you are bathing in a garden.

Get tree-like indoor plants for your bedroom and arrange them like an island against the wall. Use lights to throw shadows on these plants to turn your bedroom into a romantic, exciting retreat.

At night, light up the room with candles. Put floating candles in glass cups half filled with water and light them. Light scented candles to give the room a delightful fragrance, just like a luxury spa resort.

After all the work you have gone through to turn this bedroom into a luxury spa, don’t stinge on the bedding since most of the time you will spend in your home spa will be on the bed. Invest in two sets you can alternate. When one is in the wash, the other is in use. Change the bedding frequently as the scent of clean bedsheets completes the luxury spa experience.

Bring the relaxing sound of water dancing in a fountain to your sleeping quarters. Use lighting to highlight it and your bedroom will really look and feel like a luxury spa retreat.

Dress up the bed in luxury linens. Get a fountain for your bedroom. Check out for all your bedroom and home spa needs

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