How to Make Your Kitchen and the Eat in Area Look New

Kitchens are one space which you never really thing about decorating since it’s usually just for cooking. By decorating the place with a few items here and there you’ll notice it will seem much cozier. Kitchens are of course one area of the home that can be small but cost a pretty penny to update so make sure you are aware on what exactly you’ll be taking on if you decide to update your kitchen.

Well can still be a little expensive but not as much as a remodel, but to start with, how about a new coat of paint? Hopefully the appliances are just a few years old and they all match, so it may be just a matter of painting the walls and maybe changing out some of the curtains in the eating area and the over the window that is over the sink.

If your cabinet doors and drawers have pull handles and knobs, check to see what it would take and those can be changed out. A lot of pulls and knobs can be bought in colors and you can match them to the paint color or another color that you might be accenting with around the kitchen.

If you have enough sunlight coming into your kitchens window you can always purchase a great hanging plant or even one you can place in the window to give it a great natural feel. If you aren’t looking for anything which needs to be watered, silk arrangements are a great way to go as well and still look real. Another great touch is old bottles which you can fill with colored water to look like oil and vinegar. It’s a great touch to a traditional kitchen style and will also act as great decor.

As you know many individuals have canister sets which hold your sugar, flower, and sometimes coffee and tea bags. Why not update these by painting the ones which you already have or even purchasing new ones since they are inexpensive. Finding great salt and pepper shakers are other items you can switch out. You always have to remember those are items which others who visit may use and they’ll notice little changes as such.

Adding an area rug into a kitchens decor will bring warmth and comfort for your feet if you are a big time cook. Finding a great area rug for the kitchen these days is easier than it use to be. With all the different patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors there will always be something out there for everyone’s taste. Since most kitchens either have wooden floors, laminate, or tiles your toes will be quite cold so this will keep them warm. It will also expand the life of your floor and also saves from scratches which may occur if something is dropped.

Scented and colored candles can also add color and they are wonderful for giving the kitchen that “I just baked an apple pie” smell if you buy those that are scented or “Flavored”. Baskets on top of the refrigerator or freezer are also a nice touch and you can change the flowers out to go with the seasons. Another ideal would be seasonal fruits in a basked in the middle of the table. These are not very expensive ideas and the change can be very subtle but awesome as well. Hand towels and pot holders are also a good way to add a little touch of color and decorations as well.

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