How to Make Your Garden Patio Look Good Without Spending Much


Trend of outdoor living is growing rapidly and need of garden patio follows. Have a look at any magazine and you would notice patio garden at one place or other. You just need to use your imagination to make your garden absolutely beautiful and unique. Everyone would like to have best garden in their backyard but budget may be a constraint for some as garden may get really expensive. Get thrifty and use containers around your house for decorating your garden.If space is limited and you want to have lots of plants, place all of them in different containers. Grow anything (flowers/ dwarf citrus-trees/ conifers) in containers and arrange the containers in unused corners of your garden patio as that allows you 5/6 dissimilar plants in different containers. You can also use small tables for placing containers as that would bring colour as well as fragrance in your patio. It would also give you some place where you can place your drink glasses.Another great idea that saves lot of space in small patio is building an arbour. Use climbers to hang plants and that would reserve complete space on floor for the furniture. You can also attach shelves for small containers.Lot of people prefer building raised beds in their garden patio using a matching material (like brick/ stone). Build raised beds all around patio and entire garden can be planted in them. Taller plants in centre with smaller plants on sides can be a delightful view from patio/ yard. If you have lot of space, you can use container plants outside raised beds and that would further dress up your patio.Garden Patio is a superb place to have your personal vegetable/ herb gardens. You can grow in raised beds/ containers or anywhere. These would not only look beautiful but would also make a great addition to your daily meals. Picnic table can also be used for containers/ barrels for creating corner garden. After vegetables have been harvested, you can plant fall flowers/ foliage in containers as that would extend the growing season.You can either plan for a formal garden patio to entertain your guests. It would also be outdoor retreat for you and your family. Formal gardens can use space around patio to include sculptures/ water features. Raised beds/ cascading plants/ stairways/ tree, shrub planted in ground around your patio can make your garden look absolutely wonderful. You can also apply themes by planting many plants from same family. Bonsai as well as bamboo are quite popular but are time-consuming.People who have lot of time/ money to hire a gardener can go for lush garden patio. Hundreds of plants look awesome but you must not forget that each and every plant has some specific needs that you must take care of regularly, or your garden may turn looking like a jungle. You must group plants as per their water/ soil requirements. It requires lot of work, but it is very rewarding. You can also add water features to make it better.

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