How To Grow Roses

If you want to make your garden come to life, you need to know how to grow roses. Roses are the most favorite flowers of all time. The variable colors symbolize purity of love and lasting friendship. You do not have to be an expert gardener to grow them in your yard. All you need is a little information and tender loving care to successfully enjoy the sight of these beautiful flowers in your garden.

Know your Skill Level

Before you think on how to grow roses, you must first choose the kind of rose you want. Your choices may vary based on your skill level, garden supplies and your personal preferences. The hundreds of varieties available make your decision a little difficult. Hybrid tea types require expert skill. Unless you are a professional, this type is not advisable. For beginners, consider shrub, landscape or old garden varieties.

Consider your Garden Space

When thinking on how to grow roses, consider the space in your garden. Some varieties grow as high as 20 feet. Unless you have a whole hectare for your garden, consider cutting them before they cover your whole house. Limit the number of your plants based on your space. Leave a room for them to breathe.

Basic Requirements

Once you decide on the kind of rose to plant, you need to know the requirements on how to grow roses. Because the flowers need six hours of sunlight, choose a place that receives ample sunshine. Water them often during the first two weeks to keep them hydrated. Spring is the best season to start your project. Fertilize the soil around three months after planting.


Experts tell you that to learn how to grow roses, you need to treat them the way a mother will care for her children. The flowers need your time and constant attention to enjoy their beautiful bloom. Constantly check for dead and damaged branches and cut these using sharp hand shears. Mulching reduces your overall maintenance needs. It means less watering and protection from diseases. During winter, keep them warm by adding extra inches of soil to their base.


Once you learn how to grow roses, the exciting part is when you harvest them and turn them into beautiful bouquet. However, not all varieties can withstand this. Hybrid teas can be cut. The petals of other types fall apart during the process.

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