How To Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

There is not much of a difference of growing herbs indoors or outdoors. Many herbs that thrive outside will do fine inside if taken care of correctly so learning how to grow an indoor herb garden is not that difficult. A tip for growing herbs indoors is to remember that containers dry out more quickly and do not provide enough moisture for the plant so one thing you want to do is to be sure to water your herbs in containers more frequently.

Herbs are really low maintenance. Put them in appropriate soil and they’ll flourish with almost no help at all. They can even thrive in conditions which would be very hard on most other plants. They hardly need fertilizer, can tolerate droughts and will return each new year. Just keep an eye on the amount of sunlight they receive – be sure they are able to bask in plenty of sunshine wherever they grow.

Are there herbs that are better when learning how to grow herbs indoors?

Bay Laurel, a Mediterranean native, prefers a lot of sunshine and dry weather, but it may be planted inside or outdoors. Just be sure your container has good drainage if you wish to keep this in your indoor herb garden. Let it have lots of sun if it’s near or inside your house. Fill the pot with pre-dampened potting soil, then be sure the pot is big enough to keep the Bay Laurel from getting root bound. Next, place this herb where it can receive at least six hours a day of sun, then watch it outgrow the container in just a year.

Although chives can grow well in a pot, they excel when planted in a garden. They will produce beautiful flowers that are purple in color. Chives succeed in growing well when planted in bunches. They absorb the heat and sprout up to a foot or even more. They can last for years and do well during winter in colder climates. Remember when clipping the leaves to do so close to the base instead of further up.

If you are looking to grow indoor herbs, parsley is an excellent choice. Parsley will grow outside, but it will only last for one season; if you keep it in a pot, you can grow it year after year. Parsley is also very easy to tend for. To prune the herb, trim the outer leaves first because the leaves grow from the center. So that the sun-loving herb can soak up the sun, put it in a window that gets southern exposure.

Lavender is great for making homemade potpourri or a perfume sachet. Be sure to leave it outside until you are actually going to start a project like this. The plant serves as functional ground cover with the aesthetics of beautiful pinkish-purple flowers in addition to producing a wonderful aroma.

Most herbs can thrive well even in winter and will have no problem growing in a container or a basket. The important thing to remember when learning how to grow herbs indoors is that the soil medium you used is a mixture of clay and sandy loam which is best for ensuring water retention. Just enough water is required, not too much. You can really appreciate their beauty and aroma whether indoors or out. Besides, when harvested, herbs are also perfect seasonings for our favorite menu.

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