How to do makeup for brown eyes

Having brown eyes does not mean you cannot look radiant and beautiful. Brown eyes are usually underrated but in fact, they are lovely and sexy and have a great potential in the aspect of eye makeup which is why people should not be perplexed on how to do makeup for brown eyes.

This potential is recognized when we compare brown eyes to green eyes and blue eyes. While green eyes and blue eyes have fewer options when it comes to colors that compliment them, brown eyes on the other hand, are considered to be able to be paired with almost any color of liner or shadow. This means girls with brown eyes are lucky, because it’s easy to apply makeup for their eyes.

There are some colors that suit brown eyes than other eye colors. For example pink eye shadow makes browns appear totally sexy and perfect although this largely depends on the person using it as everyone is different.

Whether you are trying out new makeup, or you are having troubles with your existing repertoire, below are some good tips to make your eyes irresistible:

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