How To Choose An Area Rug For Outdoors

The mere thought of an area rug outdoors may make some people question it but it is true. More families are turning their own back yard into livable space. Outdoor area rugs are ideal for patios, decks, and children’s play areas.

First, you need to consider the price when choosing an area rug for outside use. You want to find one that fits your budget and has style and is durable. Do your research before shopping so you will be able to find the perfect meeting place between price and quality. Many stores that sell cheap area rugs are selling rugs that will disintegrate after a year of use. On the other hand, don’t get caught up in buying a rug because of its name brand. Many name brands sell rugs that are not of the highest quality in their lower end markets.

You want a rug that is going to last for a while. You need to also consider where you are placing the rug. If you are placing it under an umbrella, in a shaded area, or gazebo then it will be protected from weather and will last longer. This will give you the most choices in color and design because you know that it will have minimal exposure and it will last longer.

If the rug will be placed in an area that is exposed to the elements and receives direct sunlight you will be more limited in your choices. Some materials fade when exposed to sunlight while others dry and crack after getting wet. Stay away from these rugs and purchase one that is specifically for outdoor exposed areas.

Measure your space before shopping for your outdoor area rug. Consider where the rug will be placed and what the rug will be used for to help determine the correct size. You do not need to by a rug that covers the entire area. A smaller rug can add sizzle to your area by contrasting with the existing surface.

Know the reason for your rug; is it to fit into your landscaping theme? Or home design? This is important to know when choosing your design and style of rug. With outdoor rugs you can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors to go along with your dcor style.

You want to choose a rug that can color coordinate with the furniture outdoors as well as the beautiful colors of your landscape. Choose one color to highlight. It might be a pink flower or a dark green scrub. This will make you feel good when you see this color and enhance your dcor. You may also want to color coordinate your rug to blend into your furniture, especially if you have wrought iron furniture or wicker. You can have a rug dyed to customize it even more.

If your rug will be placed in an area that is prone to high traffic you want to take this into consideration when purchasing it. In cheaper made rugs the backing will come apart when exposed to wetness and moisture over a short period of time.

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